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13 May 2009

Netwerk Event: Forms Follows F***tion 2

(c) Slavs & Tatars

Forms Follows F***tion 2


Fr. 15 May 2009 20:00

+32 (0)53 70 97 73

Houtkaai z/n
9300 Aalst

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Form Follows F***tion 2
Kasia Korczak / Yvan Derwéduwé / Filip Van Dingenen
Public meeting

On May 15th, Netwerk presents three artist talks discussing its current exhibitions: Netherworld by Yvan Derwéduwé, FLOTA NFUMU by Filip Van Dingenen and Kidnapping Mountains by the collective Slavs and Tatars. Form Follows F***tion 2, as the evening is called, is the second of a new series of public meetings that are conceived as documentary platform for and about artists exhibiting in Netwerk / center of contemporary art, connecting their individual projects to other areas of cultural production.

For this public meeting, the word f***tion refers to the unspoken codes within particular environments which are not without a certain magic and rêverie. Each of the artists concentrates on a phenomenon closely related to the unreal, rearranging the friction between dream and reality through stories of imagination and agency. Rather than exploiting or destroying their mythical content, the artists focus on the specific 'reverberations' the stories generate.


19:00 Dinner (€ 5, reservation is necessary → reservate here)

20:00 Introduction

20:30 Slavs and Tatars (Kasia Korczak)
You Let Us Steal, We'll Let You Live (En)
Brutal ideas vs. romantic polemics (or vice versa): member of the collective Slavs and Tatars, Korsia Korzcak comments on the romanticised but often-neglected atmosphere of exchange between Slavs, Caucasians and Central Asians, in connection to the collective's artistic infiltration actions.

21:15 Yvan Derwéduwé
Enter, Escape & Game Over (Du)
Yvan Derwéduwé talks about the nocturnal transformation of a public park into a notorious location for homosexual escapades and discusses the artistic implications of such a turnover.

22:00 Filip Van Dingenen
Zoonation: The expeditions vs. The Archives (Du)
Filip Van Dingenen retraces how zoos worldwide still reflect dreams about wild, untouched nature and reassesses the ambiguous notion of a living, universal archive.

23:00 Zoo Zero
Bizarre, and stylish arthouse curio starring Klaus Kinski as the director of a degenerated zoo that becomes a cabaret after hours, and Cathérine Jourdan as its haunted, feline performer. Filmed in 1978 by Alain Fleischer.