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09 May 2009

MaHKUzine #7, Summer 2009: Nameless Science. Out Now!

© Nameless Science, installation shot, Apexart, New York.
Image credits: Hugh Watt.

MaHKUzine #7, Summer 2009: Nameless Science. Out Now!



Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design
Ina Boudier-Bakkerlaan 50
3582 VA Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Issue #7/Summer 09


The debate on artistic research, emerging worldwide in the field of visual art for some five years now, tends to focus on what artistic research could be or should be. As a consequence of that debate, artistic research, an as-yet undefined sanctuary for creative experiment and knowledge production, is prone to the danger of being absorbed by an intellectually crippling academic discourse on how the specificity of research-based art as a novel modus operandi could be defined and framed.

The project Nameless Science attempts to expand the artistic research debate in connecting it to seven 'best practices' in PhD projects in artistic research. An exhibition at Apexart (New York), a parallel symposium at The Cooper Union (New York), and publications of those events in both ArtandResearch (Glasgow) and MaHKUzine (Utrecht) actually show and discuss the concrete outcomes of those seven artistic research PhD projects.

MaHKUzine #7: Nameless Science

Henk Slager
: Editorial (Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design, MaHKU Utrecht).
Sarat Maharaj: Know-How and No-How. Stopgap Notes on 'Method' in Visual Art as Knowledge Production (Malmo Art Academy).
Morten Torgersrud: Photographing the Barents Region (Bergen National Academy of the Arts). Critical opponent: Tamar Zinquer (The Cooper Union).
Jan Kaila: Photographicality (Finnish Academy of Fine Arts). Critical opponent: George Smith (Idsva).
Matts Leiderstam: See and Seen. Seeing Landscape (Malmo Art Academy). Critical opponent: John Rajchman (Columbia University).
Ronan McCrea: Sequences, Scenarios & Locations continued (University of Ulster). Critical opponent: Felicitas Thun (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna).
Ricardo Basbaum: Would you like to participate in an Artistic Experience? (University of Sao Paulo). Critical opponent: Gertrud Sandqvist (Malmo Art Academy).
Irene Kopelman: Ubx Expression (MaHKU Utrecht). Critical opponent: Grant Kester (University of California, San Diego).
Panel Discussion: Concerning Doctoral Studies. George Smith (Idsva), Grant Kester (University of California San Diego), Mick Wilson (GradCAM, Dublin).
Sarah Pierce: Epilogue (Goldsmiths College).

MaHKUzine #7 will be presented in the context of the Becoming Bologna Project at the 2009 Venice Biennale, June 6-7.

MaHKUzine is published by the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design, an international master programme focusing on interdisciplinary research in visual art and design.

Download Mahkuzine # 7: Nameless Science.

Nameless Science
Exhibition and Symposium:
Symposium Report: