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02 Dec 2009

Liquid Archives at Platform3, Munich

View across Chiemsee towards mount Kampenwand
Photo: Carl Ostermayer

Liquid Archives – Notes on Relations, Ruptures and Silences


Opening: December 9, 2009, 7pm
Exhibition: 12/10/09 - 03/02/10

Opening hours: Mo - Sat 11am – 7pm, Wed 12-8pm

January 13, 2010, 7pm
Lecture Series 09/10: Contemporary Curatorial Practices
Maritime Criticism and its Display with Iain Chambers (UK) & Lisa Le Feuvre (UK).

January 23, 2010, 4pm
Allan Sekula: The Lottery of the Sea (2006)

+49-89-324 9009-50

project spaces for contemporary art
Kistlerhofstr. 70 (Haus 60/ 3rd Floor)
81379 Munich

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The central concern of the exhibition 'Liquid Archives' is a critical investigation of the production of history. The idea that history is an irrevocable, grand narrative, fed by the depths of an irrefutable static archive, is being deconstructed. Hereby the notion of a „liquid archive' stands for an alternative access to global history and political present.

This change of perspective is enabled by a consideration of the oceanic. The notion of a maritime turn functions as a counter-imaginary to a terrestrial framework, which is indebted to the nation-state and border politics. The oceanic perspective is driven by the vision of multilateral narratives, allowing a wider spatial and longer temporal trajectory.

The fine line between truth and fiction, between the reception of histories and their production, that inevitably is characterized by an uneven access to the means of the production of history (language, translation and its mediation), are fundamental structural aspects that are equally relevant in exhibition-making. By evoking an imaginary, by staging a narrative, an exhibition fictionalizes the real and thereby is itself a part of the production of history. The exhibition 'Liquid Archives – Notes on Relations, Ruptures and Silences' aims to make these structural antinomies that entail their own discourse of power, visible though curatorial concept and exhibition design.

Participating Artists:
Nadim Asfar (Lebanon), Ursula Biemann (Switzerland), Annegret Bleisteiner (Germany), Frédéric Bruly Bouabré (Ivory Coast), Carolina Caycedo (Puerto Rico) , Raphael Cuomo & Maria Iorio (Switzerland/ Italy), Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani (Germany), Stephan Huber (Germany), Xavier Krilyk (Germany/ France), Marcos Lora Read (Dominican Republic), Silke Markefka (Germany), Tiago Mestre (Portugal), Ghassan Salhab (Lebanon), Zineb Sedira (France/ UK), Allan Sekula (United States), Nikolai Vogel (Germany), Hamid Zenati (Germany/Algeria)

Texts by: Iain Chambers, Florian Grosser
Exhibition design: Tiago Mestre
Curated by Anna Schneider