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24 Nov 2009

Sparwasser HQ & Open Call

___public sphere and rhetoric / RESIDENCY_PROGRAMME


DEADLINE: 15/12/2009


C/O Sparwasser HQ
Offensive for Contemporary Art and Communication
Schwedterstrasse 36 A
10435 Berlin, Germany

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//// OPEN CALL__ Sparwasser HQ &
___public sphere and rhetoric

Our aim is to research internationally and to invite two Nordic/Baltic artists to Berlin.

We are looking for artworks which deal with strategies for the public realm/'offentligheden', and artworks, which create a public attention/'en offentlighed'. Or, how the process of campaigning is directed into something else?
We are not expecting descriptions of sculptures for an open square but rather works reflecting situations, performance of life itself. The works do not necessarily grow out of a local context but rather a set context.

Visual artists and other arts related producers who use the public sphere, better described with Scandinavian 'offentligheden' or german die 'Öffentlichkeit' can apply. We are also interested to know how you would consider the use of rhetoric practically and critically.

Questions among many could be: What is the constellation of the public sphere/ 'offentligheden' and time? Interconnected pasts and presents, of people, places, and events comprise histories. The public sphere/ 'offentligheden' is there to navigate and possibly reclaim. Is the public sphere/ 'offentligheden' singular? What public rights, what common spaces do we have?

We need to launch two calls in one: One for text production only, which might suggest future collaboration, and one for traveling. Only Nordic/Baltic applicants can be invited to Berlin within the residency programme.

You are invited to send in applications. For further information please check our homepage.

The residency_programme netres is supported by nordic culture point.