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04 Nov 2009

International competition for a public artwork

Public artwork in memory of visual artist Helene Schjerfbeck


Competition time 15.2.2009-15.1.2010


Pro Artibus foundation
Competition Coordinator Åsa Lőnnqvist
Gustaf Wasas gata 11
10600 Ekenäs

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International competition to actualize a public artwork in memory of finnish visual artist Helene Schjerfbeck (1862-1946).

The Pro Artibus foundation, in association with the Schjerfbeck society in Ekenäs and City of Raseborg are, in an open competition, commissioning an artwork of permanent character to commemorate the time that visual artist Helene Schjerfbeck lived and worked in Ekenäs:

The Artists' Association of Finland's competition rules are applied on the competition:

1. The competition objective is to create a long-standing public artwork for the southern end of the Skepparträdgården park in Ekenäs. Skepparträdgården park is situated in the centre of Ekenäs, in the City of Raseborg. The area is a park along the leisure boat harbour Sődra viken, which is on the boundary of the old town, where Helene Schjerfbeck sought inspiration and motives for her work.

The artwork is to be placed so that it can be seen both on land and from the sea. When designing the artwork, the artist should take into account temperature variations (+25°C- -25°C), wind strain and also possible changes in sea level that can cause flood water to rise to and around the artwork.

2. To be considered for the competition, the entry must include the following outlines and information:

a) A model of the competition entry in 1:10 miniature scale including sketches, and preferably with a DVD presentation.
b) A specific cost calculation which also includes the artist's commission fee.
c) An evaluation for operation and maintenance costs.
d) Other descriptive material with information regarding the motives behind the artwork and chosen material.
e) The artwork may be given a title.
f) The artwork shall be unique.

3. Prices. The total prize sum is 30.000 euros, which will be shared between the winning entries according to a decision made by the competition jury.

4. The competition jury consists of

The chairman of the Schjerfbeck society in Ekenäs is a permanent jury member Berndt Arell, Museum Director for the Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA, Leena Ahtola-Moorhouse, Chief Supervisor at Ateneum Art Museum, Thomas Blomqvist, City council chairman, Susanne Gottberg, Visual artist, Leif Jakobsson, Managing Director of Pro Artibus, Silja Rantanen, Visual artist, Kai Kartio, Museum Director at Amos Anderson Art Museum, Erik Kruskopf, Art critic, Wivan Nygård-Fagerudd, Chairman of the Delegation of the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Mikael Westerback Managing Director of the Signe and Anne Gyllenberg Foundation and two experts nominated by the Association of Finnish Sculptors, Jukka Vikberg and Maria Duncker.

Contact between artists participating in the competition and members of the jury regarding the competition is forbidden. Questions in regard to the competition should be addressed in written before 10.1.2010 to the Competition Coordinator moderating contact on all matters between participating artists and the jury.

Contact details:

Åsa Lőnnqvist, Gustaf Wasas gata 11, 10600 Ekenäs, Finland

All instructions regarding the competition are also available on the Internet:

5. The competition entries must be signed and have an attached enclosed, envelope with same signature containing:

a) Name, address and contact details
b) Return instructions

Entries and attached material that is not required to be returned will be destroyed.

6. The drafts will stay in the artist's possession. Copyright remains with the artist.

7. The final order for the work is submitted by the Pro Artibus Foundation, who have the right to order the work after the end of the competition, in negotiation with the Schjerfbeck society in Ekenäs and City of Raseborg.

8. Competition time 15.2.2009-15.1.2010.

The competition expires on Friday 15th of January 2010 at 16:00, when all competition entries have to have been handed in to The Pro Artibus Foundation, Gustaf Wasas gata 11, 10600 Ekenäs, Finland. Packages should be marked 'Schjerfbeck'. The participant is responsible for all delivery costs.

The goal is to unveil the winning artwork before the end of 2011.

9. After the competition ends, all entry suggestions will be exhibited in Gallery Elverket as well as virtually on

10. Additional information and written questions as well as questions regarding potential travel arrangements to visit the area:

Competition Coordinator Åsa Lőnnqvist
Gustaf Wasas gata 11
10600 Ekenäs