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16 Oct 2009

Hans Op de Beeck, a selection of video works organized by Red Shoes Bureau in Paris

Hans Op de Beeck, ?Staging Silence’, video still
Courtesy Galleria Continua, San Gimignano-Beijing-Le Moulin; Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna; Xavier Hufkens, Brussels; Galerie Ron Mandos, Rotterdam-Amsterdam

HANS OP DE BEECK, A SELECTION OF VIDEO WORKS / Three-day event in Paris from October 22 to October 24 2009, organized by Red Shoes Bureau


October 22 to October 24, 2009


74, Bd de Menilmontant 75020 Paris - FR

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Visual artist Hans Op de Beeck lives and works in Brussels, where he has developed his career through international exhibitions over the past ten years. His work consists of sculptures, installations, video work, photography, animated films, drawings, paintings and writing (short stories). It is his quest for the most effective way of presenting the concrete contents of each work that determines the medium that the artist ultimately selects.

Hans Op de Beeck sometimes calls his works 'proposals'; they are irrefutably fictional, constructed and staged, leaving it up to the viewer whether to take the work seriously, as a sort of parallel reality, or immediately to put it into perspective, as no more than a visual construct. His work is nourished by a keen interest in social and cultural reflection. The artist also questions the difficult relationship between reality and representation, between what we see and what we want to believe, between what is and what we create for ourselves in order to make it easier to deal with our own insignificance and lack of identity. The visual output of that investigation often produces slumbering, insidious, melancholy and astonishing images

Red Shoes Bureau decided to show a wide selection of his video works on different media: video installation, screening, exhibition in gallery and Tv broadcast.

The event is created as a 'journey' through Paris from October 22 to October 24, inviting the audience to follow and discover the several facets of the richness of Hans Op de Beeck's world.

Part 1: 'Circumstances'
Solo survey screening and artist talk for
the inauguration of the video installation 'Circumstances'
'Tokyo Eat', Palais de Tokyo, October 22 at 6 pm/13 Avenue Président Wilson 75016 - Paris

Part 2: 'Staging Silence'
French première of the new video 'Staging Silence' and Q&A
Beaux Arts de Paris, October 23, 5 pm/ 14 rue Bonaparte 75006 - Paris/ Salle de conférences, Palais des études, escalier de droite, 1er étage

Part 3: 'Spheres'
Group show including the sculptural installation 'T-Mart' at Le Moulin (Galleria Continua), Vernissage/Brunch October 24, 12 am/ 46 Route de la Ferté Gaucher, 77169 - Boissy-le-Châtel

And during one month: 'Hans Op de Beeck. A Selection of Video Works', broadcasting of a special Hans Op de Beeck survey program on the tv channel 'Souvenirs from earth', from October 22 to November 23/ Ch 129 on Freebox

All about the artist's works, publications and writings:

Le Moulin/Galeria Continua:
Channel 'Souvenirs from earth':