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22 Jan 2009

Benoît Maire & Falke Pisano at Grazer Kunstverein

Benoît Maire & Falke Pisano, Organon and the audience perception, installation, 2007. Courtesy: Croy Nielsen Gallery.

Organon and the Wave - Benoît Maire & Falke Pisano


Opening: Tuesday January 20, 2009 at 7 pm
Duration: from January 21 until March 21, 2009

+43 316 83 41 41
+43 316 83 41 42

Im Palais Thinnfeld
Mariahilferstraße 2
A - 8010 GRAZ

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Organon and the wave is a cooperative effort of Benoît Maire (*1978, lives in Paris) and Falke Pisano (*1978, lives in Dublin and Berlin). The exhibition constitutes the first presentation of Benoît Maire's work and the first institutional exhibition of Falke Pisano's work in Austria. Besides, it features new works produced on that occasion, especially the 16mm film named 'The Wave'.

The exhibition is centered on two works that both share an interest in the potential of dialogue within creative processes, although in different ways: dialogue as form characterizes the film „The Wave' which was produced for the exhibition. Maire and Pisano are shooting separately and in different locations. Later, their recordings will be combined within the process of editing.

The installation 'Organon (and the audience perception)' aims to make definitions of sculpture performance and text more permeable and to relate these practices to each other in more connected ways. The organization of the objects on the tables will be rearranged several times by a performer during the course of the exhibition. Text posters hang on the walls. They can be read as aphorisms focusing on the choreography and its possible plot: 'the objects are brought into the space, but they are brought in by movements, they are placed.'