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22 Jan 2009

Christoph Meier in KIOSK (Ghent, Belgium)

Christoph Meier: 5 Stäbe (2008)

KIOSK 13: Christoph Meier - Proposal for a Discotheque


Wed. 28.01.09, 6PM > 9 PM

29.01.09 > 15.03.09
Open every day 9AM > 6PM

+329 267 01 68

Louis Pasteurlaan 2 / Godshuizenlaan
9000 Ghent

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Christoph Meier's (° 1980) studio-based approach to making art is representative of an inquisitive mind. Large free-standing sculptures, minimal in-situ interventions, video installations and screen prints interrogate the theoretical grounding, reception and boundaries of artistic production. He employs objets trouvés bearing signs of pre-existing activities to playfully reassemble them in an attempt to experiment with error and self-doubt. Using a rigorous formalist vocabulary that may appear to pay homage to modernist abstract principles, Meier's practice doesn't follow conventional schemes. Work rules and quick design solutions derive from the architectural field that, together with bricolage techniques, elucidate a peculiar approach to formal sculptural concerns.

His over-elaborated or simplified works can look like pieces of furniture and Duchampian readymades. However, they distance themselves from the discourse around materiality or 'high' and 'low art' to focus on his fascination with the studio as the main context of production, reflection about and perception of art. (Diana Baldon)

About KIOSK:

KIOSK is an initiative by vzw KunstenSite (KuS). Originally, vzw KuS was initiated by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) at the University College Ghent. Currently it operates independently on the Bijloke site in Ghent. Within the context of a rising international arts campus, vzw KuS deploys its activities in the field of contemporary visual arts.

KIOSK is located in a glass pavilion, functioning as a temporary operating base for exhibition projects. The pavilion aims to transcend the receptive nature of an exhibition space, bringing the possibilities and limitations of the given location into play.