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19 Jan 2009

Anne Daems at Objectif Exhibitions

De vijfde man, ink on paper, 1997.

Not Every Rabbit is Like the Other


Opening Hours:
Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 2-6pm


Kleine Markt 7-9
Antwerp 2000

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Anne Daems
Het één konijn is het andere niet/Not every rabbit is like the other
January 24 – March 7, 2009
Opening January 24, 6-9pm

In her photographs, videos and drawings, Anne Daems captures minute aspects of daily lives, banal or mundane objects, actions and events that at first sight seem trivial or ordinary, yet collectively form the myriad microcosms that constitute everyday realities. At Objectif Exhibitions, Daems presents her first show dedicated exclusively to her drawings. The drawings, fragile and intuitive, pay homage to such details, highlighting, or perhaps endowing them with the significance and meaningfulness they warrant. The resonating quality of the work lies precisely in its non-spectacular character apparent in both the naive narratives Daems weaves around her subjects and the simple yet definitive lines she uses to represent them.

Anne Daems (1966, Lier) lives and works in Belgium. Her most recent solo shows include Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery (New York, 2008), Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, (Antwerp, 2006), De Pont Museum (Tilburg, 2005) and she has been included in several group exhibitions internationally including at the Drawing Center (New York, 2007), Laura Bartlett Gallery (London, 2007) and d.u.m.b.o. arts center (Brooklyn, 2006), Daems has also held residencies at the ISCP (New York, 2005), the Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces (Melbourne, 2002) and Cité des Arts (Paris,1997).

Objectif Exhibitions is supported by the Flemish Community and the City of Antwerp.

Image text translation: The Fifth Man.

Last week I needed to be at an administrative office of the city. I walked down a long corridor on a third floor. All the office doors were wide open. All the offices were empty. I needed to be at the last door. Inside, there were five men sitting around a desk. When I walked in, four of the men stood up and disappeared down the corridor. The fifth man stayed at his desk and I took a seat across from him. With a tired voice he asked me for what I had come. Standing between us was a little rectangular cream-covered cake with a cherry in the middle.