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09 Aug 2008

Art&fortE SUMMER



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Five exhibitions for Summer. From 12th July - 26th August 2008: Venice-Italy, Lavarone–Trento-Italy, Island of Thassos–Greece, and Teano–Caserta-Italy

The Art&fortE Summer packed with visual arts continues with five exhibitions in various venues.

POSSESSO – Corpo & Ossessioni (POSSESSION – The Body and Obsessions)

Contemporary art exhibition


UNTIL 24th AUGUST 2008



POSSESSION – The Body & Obsessions, is a new contemporary art project promoted and organised by Art&fortE; a collection of sex, love, carnality and passion, as part of obsession, but without vulgarity. The exhibition goes beyond modesty, to express the most deeply hidden sensations. Unmissable.The event was inaugurated on 19th July at the SPAZIOEVENTI MONDADORI in St. Mark's, Venice with special guest the famous director TINTO BRASS who, given the themes dealt with in the exhibition, had a great deal to say at the opening on its subject and the artists' means of expression. He was accompanied by Caterina Varzi, who will play the lead in his new film 'Ziva', which is currently in production and soon to be released. During the evening the director expressed his hope that the theme will be dealt with again by Art&fortE in the future. He also praised the strong presence of female artists. Brass revealed the story of his new film and was extremely amenable and much-appreciated by public and artists alike.


PREMIO FREUD – ES, L'autoritratto psicologico tra realta' e metafora

(THE FREUD AWARD – ES: The psychological self portrait, from reality to metaphor)

Contemporary art exhibition with international artists


UNTIL 26th AUGUST 2008


Art&fortE and the Borough of Lavarone have set up the 'FREUD AWARD', dedicated to the father of psychoanalysis and devoted to themes dear to him.

The concept of the Es is the main basis of Freud's work and thought.

The choice of the venue, one that is intrinsically linked to the figure of Freud, was a natural one. He defined Lavarone as 'my perfect refuge', immersed in the splendid setting of the mountains of Trentino, where he loved to spend his holidays.

The works taking part were chosen from among the best shown at ES, the event held in Venice in recent mouths, which formed the basis for the initial selection for the Award.

The grand jury of the FREUD AWARD was made up of figures from the arts world, together with participants at the International Conference held each year by the Gradiva Study Centre, held in Lavarone from 11th to 13th July 2008 entitled 'The Boundaries of Psychoanalysis – falsehood in lies and illusion'.

The winners are as follows:

Juan Del Balso winner of the FIRST PRIZE with the work 'The Hermit',

Anna Fracassi winner of the SECOND PRIZE with the work 'Look@Me',

Daniela Baldo winner of the THIRD PRIZE with the work 'Rest'.

The following artists also took part in the FREUD AWARD: Benito Aguzzoli, Eleonora Barbiere, Daniele Barbagli, Giovanna Barozzi, Mirella Bastelli, Veronica Cantero Yanez, Isabel Carafi, Cristina Carusi, Patrizia Cau, Francesca Curcetti, Alberto D'Assumpcao, Angelo De Boni, Vanni D'Este, Giuseppe Sebastiano Devoti, Giuseppe Di Canosa, Vincenzo Doronzo, Michele Favaro, Francesco Ferlisi, Amelia Ferrari, Veronica Francione, Freeman, Naomi Fuks-Mishol, Giuliano Galeotti, Fiorella Gallenda, Cristina Gandini, Andrea Giorgi, Pino Giuffrida, Lucio Greco, Michela Ianese, Clelia La Gioia, Rosy Losito, Dario Manco, Teresa Susy Manzo, Nadia Marcuzzi, Giuseppe Mariotti, Paolo Menon, Max Montano, Maria Grazia Oppo, Giulio Orioli, Davide Poggi, Maila Pompei, Matteo Procaccioli, Giordano Rizzardi, Martin Romeo, Marco Salvadori, Maria Silvia Sega, Jelena Stepanova, Giuseppe Tattarletti, Fedele Tocci, Massimo Tomasino, Ivan Toninato, Ramona Vada, Kristel Vendrame and Alessandro Viveri.


Caro Sigmund, …. (Dear Sigmund, ….)

A solo exhibition dedicated to SIGMUND FREUD and his life, by Piergiorgio Baroldi


UNTIL 26th AUGUST 2008



Dear Sigmund…., a solo exhibition by Piergiorgio Baroldi will be held in the same exhibition rooms in Lavarone as the FREUD AWARD exhibition and is absolutely in-keeping with the latter. The exhibition is entirely dedicated to Sigmund Freud and his life.

'Piergiorgio Baroldi imbues the philosophical and technical construction of his works with a dualism that he harmonises by developing the teachings of Venetian artistic culture – says Prof. Alberto D'Atanasio – together with a notion of space and figure constructed in a classical, almost Renaissance manner. He depicts the features of modern figures, with mysterious, backgrounds and colourful alveoli, as if the figure were a link between real space and the imaginary space of the portrait. There is therefore a kind of non-conformism in Baroldi's works, as if the sub-conscious – in order to have representation – needed the past that becomes history and elements of the present to implement itself and become a narration for those who will come after. Therefore, the exhibition 'Dear Sigmund…,' completes the philosophical and aesthetic message of Paul Delvaux and Max Ernst', ends the professor of art history and semiology of non-verbal languages.

In Baroldi, whose works are also inspired by those of Klimt, there is a subtle interplay of presences and essences which, by reproducing two different aspects of the same subject, expertly represent and contrast matter with being and encourage us to continue life's magical journey more joyfully, again and again.



Contemporary art exhibition


UNTIL 10th AUGUST 2008



After the success of the contemporary art exhibitions in recent months with DNArt - that have seen Art&fortE artists on an artistic-cultural tour of Venice, Croatia and Greece - comes a new exhibition on the splendid island of Thassos, Northern Greece.

Works on show are by Andrea Valleri, Otello Mamprin and Piergiorgio Baroldi.

The island of Thassos, with its luxuriant vegetation, beaches and picturesque villages, owned by the monks of Mount Athos, welcomes many visitors who love art, culture, the environment and tranquillity.

The title DNArt stresses that the authentic characteristics of man are made up of language; DNA itself is an unconscious language that links man to the sense of this existence as part of nature.

Three artists, three different points of view and three DNAs.

ANDREA VALLERI deals with the theme from a historical point of view, repeating cyclical cultural models in his work and, in the same way, reinterpreting mythical-philosophical topoi in his sculptures.

OTELLO MAMPRIN studies the interaction between body and mind, alternating images of the collective unconscious with impressions of the body.

PIERGIORGIO BAROLDI observes the anthropological and social effects of Post-Modernism, placing industrial images of the '50s against golden backgrounds that evoke the Byzantine world.

The exhibition DNArt aims to transform the theme of the ontological superiority of language into image. This theme has been expressly taken up by current hermeneutical philosophy and is a theme that is presented as the DNA of Art.



Solo exhibition of contemporary art


UNTIL 10th AUGUST 2008


MARIO RONCA is on show at the Annunziata Monumental Complex in Teano, with an exhibition by the artist who has been part of Italy's art scene for over forty years, with his Neo-Impressionist landscapes.

Mario Ronca has met with a great deal of critical and public success over the years and has received numerous awards for his work.

His paintings have been displayed in hundreds of exhibitions in Italy and abroad and have continually caused provoked emotions and moved enthusiasm.

The exhibition is presented by Piergiorgio Baroldi, President of Art&fortE, Debora Salardi, Head of Communications for Art&forte and Prof. Giuseppe Gaeta, lecturer at the Naples Academy of Fine Arts, with the participation of Raffaele Picierno, Mayor of Teano.


Artistic direction - Roberto Ronca, Organisational direction - Piergiorgio Baroldi.

Contributors – Isotta, Alberto d'Atanasio, Andrea Valleri, Debora Salardi, Eleonora Bon, Vanni D'Este, Barbara Accordi, Tiziana Agostini, Furio Lazzarini, Laura Vania Lazzarini and Betta Baroldi.