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19 Jul 2008

The Swiss Issue Out Now!

Fucking Good Art - The Swiss Issue


Available in your local project space, bookshop, museum, art institute, or order online: / /


Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Fucking Good Art is proud to present its 20th issue 'The Swiss Issue' which is a field study on art and the art market. It has been made at the introduction of the Kunsthaus Zurich for the exhibition Shifting Identities - [Swiss] Art Today. There is an Export edition and a Domestic edition, the latter of which is distinguished by its double cover and can be used as an entry ticket for the Kunsthaus Zurich.

We have attempted to understand how the machine behind art works, and have looked critically at the role of the market. We have quickly come to understand that the market is effective for only approximately 3 to 5 per cent of artists. But how do you decide who will make it to the top?

We asked six writers for critical reflections on the art world and its existing model, and interviewed artists, designers, curators and collectors in Switzerland about art and the market. We had one question that we wished to pose to everyone: do you think the current hierarchical model works? And this usually led to a second question: is it possible to conceive another model?

21 x 14,5 cm, 280 pp., bw. ill., paperback, softcover

ISBN Export edition: 978-90-5973-087-8

ISBN Domestic edition: 978-3-03746-129-7

Price: 14,50 € / 24,- CHF

Texts contributions by: Karen Wright / Piroschka Dossi / Anders Petterson / Barbara Basting / Ilona Genoni / Dora Imhof / Thibaut de Ruyter.

Conversations with: Harald Szeemann / Adam Szymczyk / Oliver Kielmayer / Rein Wolfs / Frank Hyde-Antwi / Daniel Baumann, and many others.

Artist contribution: Thomas Hirschhorn / Lutz&Guggisberg / Relax / Serge Spitzer / Felix Stephan Huber / Till Velten / Fabio Marco Pirovino / Karen Weinert / Anna Katharina Scheidegger / San Keller / Dagmar Heppner / Stefan Burger / Hans Rudolf Ambauen / Ganzblum / Heinrich Gartentor / Batia Suter.