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21 Jul 2008


Kate Newby, Don't Be Bored, 2008

Kate Newby 'Thinking with your body'


18 July - 9 August 2008


1/454 Karangahape Rd
PO Box 68782 Newton
Auckland 1145
New Zealand

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Gambia Castle is pleased to present 'Thinking with your body' - an exhibition of new work by Kate Newby.

'Thinking with your body' imagines the gallery as a theatrical landscape - as both architectural device and active encounter. Drawing out the physical and poetic energies of her surroundings, working with the constraints of what is already at hand, Newby creates new spatial scenarios from quotidian situations. The visible marks of making and day-to-day wear borne by Newby's brick, wood and fabric sculptures embed the artist's own performative action in the work and furthermore act as prompts or cues for potential action to be carried out by the viewer. With work situated both inside and outside the gallery, in sculptural, sound and book form, Newby's exhibition is purposefully fragmentary - once again collapsing and confusing the lines between process and product, doing and documentation.

'Thinking with your body' will be accompanied by a newly published artist book by Newby, entitled 'Holding onto it only makes you sick.' This publication, which includes new writing by Ruth Buchanan and David Levinson, will be released in a limited edition of 200, available from the gallery for NZ$20.

Kate Newby was born in Auckland in 1979. She graduated from Elam School of Fine Art Undergraduate program in 2001 and Masters Program in 2007 with the project 'My Poetry, for example.' Recent exhibitions include: 'On the Benefits of Building,' Gambia Castle, Auckland; 'Academy,' TCB, Melbourne and 'Working on Talking' (with Frances Stark and Ruth Buchanan), Gambia Castle, Auckland. Newby has published several artist books - the most recent being 'Architecture For Specific People' (2007) and 'My Poetry, for example' (2007).

Gambia Castle is an Auckland-based gallery founded in January 2007 by: Dan Arps, Nick Austin, Andrew Barber, Fiona Connor, Simon Denny, Sarah Hopkinson, Daniel Malone, Tahi Moore, Kate Newby and Tao Wells.