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23 Jun 2008

The SQUID project - Launch of new website and excellent summer reading!

The SQUID project




SQUID is an artists-run text archive on the Internet and a framework for live arrangements such as public events.

It is run by Katja Aglert (SE), Janna Holmstedt (SE) and Martijn van Berkum (NL).

SQUID has been generously supported by Nordic Culture Point and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.


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When you enter the studio of practically any artist, you may find yourself stepping into a world of ideas. This metaphor could also be used for the work of many other professionals in the cultural field. The visible work is often the tip of an iceberg – what is the body of knowledge, interests, detours and fascinations that amounts to it?

At, you find an ever-expanding archive of texts, which offers an insight into the tacit knowledge, implicit interests and research that run through the work of cultural practitioners. Artists, musicians, authors, curators, philosophers among others are continuously being invited to write for SQUID. Browsing the website you will find interviews, articles, essays, research as well as scripts, prose and poetry.


In 2007 a long-term cooperation was initiated with the weblog Point of view, which has now become a vital part of the SQUID website. The current group of members and guest authors at Point of view consists of artists, designers, theorists and architects from different parts of the world. The blog is a tool for articulating ideas and world views, but also a framework for collective practice.

You can find Point of view in the menu of SQUID or visit it directly at

Another approach to let an audience encounter the SQUID project is to arrange public events. The content produced at SQUID and the blog provide a point of departure for activities we either organize or engage in. The public events are an opportunity to meet people face to face and introduce the project to a wider audience.

We continuously seek new collaborations with individuals, groups and institutions in different countries. Up until now we have been collaborating mostly with art organizations, however, we are looking to extend our network into the educational field. If you are interested to work with us or have questions in relation to this, please contact us at:

Some of our hosts and partners so far have been: Tensta konsthall, IASPIS and Ersta konsthall in Stockholm, Sweden, Pro Arte Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia and Manifesta 6 in Nicosia, Cyprus. Furthermore, we collaborated with the Russian workgroup CHTO DELAT?/What is to be done? and contributed to an issue of their newspaper, which was published as a part of the Documenta Magazine Project.

Above all, SQUID is a place for interesting reading!
We warmly invite you to browse the new website.

Katja Aglert, Janna Holmstedt, Martijn van Berkum.


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