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19 Jun 2008




Thursday the 12th of June 2008, at 4 PM

June - October 2008

0045 26 36 70 30

Bryghusgrunden at the end of Vestervoldgade (by the water, of course), Copenhagen.
see map:

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The Harbor Laboratory:

Come to the harbor!!!!

Thursday the 12th of June 2008, at 4 PM we will salute the beginning of the Harbor Laboratory. Come and visit the new facilities – it's at Bryghusgrunden at the end of Vestervoldgade (by the water, of course). We will have some grills and water bikes ready.

Dept. for Notion and Connexion (Hamburg, DE) invites you to their floating platform. Here you can examine various qualities of water – local and phantasmagorical.

What is The Harbor Laboratory?

The Harbor Laboratory will promote, initiate and evaluate new ideas for the harbor in Copenhagen, as practical, functional and visual explorations. We will act quickly – building and testing our inventions and creations right away.

As we see it, the harbor has a great potential to be a cultural and inspirational area for the residents of Copenhagen. We will do our best to facilitate and realize this goal using the Harbor Laboratory as a platform/catalyst for innovative change.

Currently we have: A piece of land, a piece of harbor, three water bikes, a toilet, a coffee machine, tools, some rafts, a waterpistol, a typewriter, baked beans and lots of other stuff!

We will avoid lengthy and formal planning sessions, and instead go straight on constructing in an atmosphere of entrepreneurship and creativity.

We don't have a fixed plan, but lots of ideas... like you?

Just that, welcome, see you there


Pelle, Laurids, Ebbe, Douglas, Buster, Julia, Fabian and Celine

Bryghusgrunden, Copenhagen, June - October 2008

Please come by …or contact us:

Phones: +45 26 36 70 30, +45 50 58 25 85


The Harbor Laboratory is part of the U-TURN Quadrennial for Contemporary Art.