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10 Mar 2008

Josh Greene Social Studies Residency at Arizona State University Art Museum

Josh Greene, Courtesy of the Artist, San Francisco and ASU Art Museum.

Josh Greene: Some Parts Might Be Greater Than The Whole


Artist in Residence:
Feb. 18 through Apr. 4, 2008
Friday Conversations on Exhibitions:
Josh Greene, Artist and John Spiak, Curator
Friday, Mar. 21, 11 a.m.
Artist Reception:
Friday, Mar. 28, 7-9 p.m.


Tenth Street and Mill Avenue
Tempe, AZ 85287-2911

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A Social Studies Initiative

February 18 through May 18, 2008


Artist in Residence

February 18 through April 4, 2008


San Francisco-based artist Josh Greene will be the second artist in residence for the Social Studies initiative of the ASU

Art Museum, an exhibition series in which the Museum turns over a complete gallery to an artist to explore their social interactive approach. 

The artist residencies of the Social Studies initiative are an attempt to open the creative process, making the human factor relevant beyond didactic labels and documentation,creating actual relationships through artistic practice. 

This is a unifying theme throughout Greene’s past projects.Often using the source of labor, work and play, Greene has developed such projects as Service-Works, which provides a monthly project grant to individuals, the amount of each month's grant determined by how much money he earns as a waiter on a specific night in a fine-dining restaurant in San Francisco; Unlicensed Therapist which consisted of creating a venue dedicated to conversation; Luncheon, a weekly luncheon prepared for the administrators of an alternative art space in San Francisco; and Sophie Calle's Bed in which the artist wrote to artist Sophie Calle and asked to borrow her bed to help him through a break-up process.       


More details on Greene’s Social Studies project can be found online at: