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05 Mar 2008

“Hipic” in Beijing

Experimental Project “Hipic” in Beijing


February 29th, 2008, 6pm
and all the time and forever on

86-10 64323202
86-10 64324395

261 Caochangdi, Airport Service Rd., Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

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In this period of pictures’ flowing, an innovative artistic experimental project provides to everyone the opportunity of showing their own pictures: “Hipic”. Since its inception, “Hipic” project kept growing, and is today in Beijing.

On February 29th, the project “Hipic in Beijing” will be launched in ShanghArt Beijing, Long March Space, Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing Art Now Gallery and Beijing Commune. The opening will be held in the new space of ShanghArt Beijing.

“Hipic” is an independent artistic project centered on pictures initiated by Yang Zhenzhong, Xu Zhen, Huang Kui and other artists, who established the “Hipic team”. “Hipic” collects and displays flood of pictures from all over the world using internet as a platform. “Hipic” central system,, diffuses pictures on various visual poles, including public screens, TV monitors, computer, mobile screens, and other mediums, which undoubtedly became part of everyone’s life.

This time “Hipic in Beijing” constitutes a large scope project for “Hipic”, therefore, “Hipic team” especially produced five “Hipic Screens”, to be placed in ShanghArt Beijing, Long March Space, Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing Art Now Gallery and Beijing Commune, which are among the most renown contemporary art spaces in China, reinforcing this platform efficiency, and sharing with more people, more pictures resources and more spaces. 

“Hipic” project was launched for the first time on September 4th, 2007. Since then, “Hipic” unceasingly shows one picture per minute. The system enables any picture to be enjoyed anywhere in the world, simultaneoulsy, for one minute: anyone can see one same picture at the same time in any part of the globe. As an international project, “Hipic” receives pictures from their original authors, anyone can send pictures to the system via internet and become an ?artist’. “Hipic” project seeks for international partners in any country of the world to invite more participants without any region restrictions.   

To support the project a specially designed "Hipic Screen" is produced in an edition of 5 pieces a year. We are happy to announce that "Screen 1" has been bought by DSL collection (