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25 Nov 2008

mobile academy presents: Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge No 11

© Stefan Beer

On WASTE: The Disappearance and Comeback of Things & Values


Saturday, 29th November 2008,
8.00pm, check-in opens 7.00pm
Book an expert on the night for £1 or €1 !


School Lane
L1 3BX
United Kingdom

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Mobile Academy / Hannah Hurtzig

On WASTE: The Disappearance and Comeback of Things & Values

an Installation with 50 Waste-Experts,
a Digression on the Rhetorics of the Dialogue and
a Shadow Play for a Dialogue Duo

at the Bluecoat, Sat 29 November, 8.00pm, check-in opens 7.00pm

Book an expert on the night for £1 or €1 !

A Blackmarket is an interdisciplinary research on learning and un-learning, where narrative formats of knowledge transfer are tried out and presented. The installation imitates familiar places of knowledge exchange, like the archive or library reading room, and combines them with communication situations such as markets, stock exchanges, counselling or social service interviews. You can book a 30-minute one-to-one dialogue with one of 50 experts or you can observe and listen into select conversations via headphones on BLACKRADIO's six channels.

Each Blackmarket presents a different topic, generating an encyclopaedia with local experts. In Liverpool the theme deals with the relationship between human beings and the material world at the moment when things loose their form, deteriorate, rot, explode, slide into decay and forgetting and lose their distinction.

The Rhetorics of Dialogue

Seven experts will reflect on their different professions and how the dialogue is a constitutive element of their working process.

A Shadow Play for a Dialogue Duo

Eyal Sivan and Dan Dolberger have been invited to continue their talks, chats and debates during the Blackmarket. No summery, or resume, no interpretation or self reflection, just a moment in time of their ongoing dialogue.

Mobile Academy is a project by Hannah Hurtzig with changing partners based at HAU, Berlin. Presented in association with the Live Art Development Agency for the Bluecoat's Liverpool Live programme for the Liverpool Biennial.

Supported by Arts Council England, Liverpool Culture Company and the Goethe Institute Manchester.