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18 Oct 2008

Janus Magazine | New Issue | n. 24

Fabrice Hyber, Special project for cover and back cover of Janus, 2008

Fall-Winter issue


Launch of Janus24 on November 8th, 12 PM at Artissima Art Fair, Turin

tel/fax: 0032-2-5025598

Av. P. Deschanel 8
B-1030 Brussels

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The cross-disciplinary magazine Janus is now available and can be found in the best art bookstores across Europe.

The new issue of Janus is out now with a special cover and back cover by the artist Fabrice Hyber. It is an ironic subversion of the double-faced Janus transformed into two rats moving in opposite directions. Hyber plays with the theme of the issue 'Incredible Inventions' in art and science by drawing the tails of these rats (typical laboratory animals) as they intertwine across the spine of the magazine and become a RADAR, RAT and TAR, the mirrored double.

The background of the cover and back cover is Hyber's unique green which plays well with the special section of the issue dedicated to 'Fostering the Garden', an account of Janus' last symposium at the LeWitt Foundation in Praiano together with creative essays on the subject of art, landscape architecture and gardens.

The artist-curator section features Roberto Cuoghi presented by Marcella Beccaria, Vincent Geyskens by Koen Leemans, Michael Fliri by Luk Lambrecht, Diango Hernandez by Lisette Lagnado and Mark Wallinger and Bill Viola by Luigi Garbini.

More about the issue:

In the Incredible Inventions section...

-Hans de Wolf, Wouter Davidts and Charlotte Bonduel present The Platform, a project that brings together the academic and the artistic world, plus their latest colloquium that gives the title to the section.
- A creative text on inventions by the artist Honoré d'O
- How Harry Houdini tried to talk some sense into Thomas Edison by Nicola Setari
- Suzannah Biernhoff on war injuries and new techniques in plastic surgery by artists
- Fae Brauer on the sado-masochism of invention
- Southern Italian Tarantism presented by Ignazio Licata
- Leisure is the mother of all invention, a conversation with scientists Raymond Hamers and Lode Wyns by Marleen Wynants.

In the Fostering the Garden section...

- An Interval of the Garden by landscape architect Zachary Stevens
- The Gardens of Praiano by artificial life scientist Domenico Parisi
- Between Two Blues by landscape architect Michel Racine
- Landscape Bulletin by botanist and architect Melania Bugiani
- An Exchange While becoming Wild by landscape architect Chris Starkey
- Special projects by the artists Olaf Nicolai and Ettore Favini
- Francesca di Nardo on the re-appropriation of land from the mafia
- Gardens and eroticism by Alessandro Bertolotti
- An interview by Giovanni Iovane with Pedro Cabrita Reis on his 'True Gardens'

And for the Art and Economy dossier…

Pier Luigi Sacco interviews the CEO of UniCredit Group, Alessandro Profumo.
The book of the issue is United Artists of Italy a project by Massimo Minini

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