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23 Oct 2008


Going Public'06. Atlante Mediterraneo (Courtesy aMAZElab, Milan)

Atlante Mediterraneo


Thursday, 23th October from 6.00pm at Fabbrica del Vapore, Via Procaccini 4, Milan, Italy

+39 02 6071623
+39 02 6071623

Via Cola Montano 8
Milan, Italy

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Thursday 23th October, from h.6.00 pm, in the frame of the Symposium 'Isolario' at Fabbrica del Vapore Milano, Claudia Zanfi, director of aMAZElab, will talk about the project concept and the book GOING PUBLIC '06. Atlante Mediterraneo.

GOING PUBLIC is a mobile open platform, a network of production, reflection and cultural exchange, that establishes itself in peripherical areas. GOING PUBLIC invites artists and theoreticians to work on public space, liminal ares such as railway stations, abandoned cinemas, public libraries, etc.

For the 6° edition of GOING PUBLIC six cities are identified as 'case study': a Mediterranean Atlas where artists, students, researchers, geographers and sociologists carry out their researches into the chosen topics: flow of people, economies and cultures.

The identity of the Mediterranean, its many faces, its importance and its future. Thinking in terms of what the place can represent, we may discover all the different ways in which we might understand its layers of complexity. The seamless relationships between different territories, shores, cities and inhabitants. A vertical and horizontal exploration of the territory between the Mediterranean and Europe, between East and West. From Istanbul to Barcelona via such cities as Beirut, Nicosia, Tel Aviv and Alexandria. A round trip providing ever-new arrivals, contacts, migrations, contaminations, and endless propagations.

The book gathers the results of 18 months of public art and territorial projects and the researches of partners and contributors from the six mediterranean cities: Istanbul, Beirut, Nicosia, Tel Aviv, Alexandria, Barcelona.

Contributors: Akram Zataari (Lebanon), Atlas Group (Beirut/NYC), Oda Projesi (Istanbul), Xurban Collective (Istanbul/NYC), Achilleas Kentonis (Nicosia), Sameh Elhalawany (Alexandria, Egypt), Ofri Cnaani (Israel), Jenny Vogel (Germany), Bilal Khbeiz (Lebanon), Vasif Kortun (Istanbul), Yannis Papadakis (Nicosia), Sharon Rotbard (Tel Aviv), Manuel Delgado (Barcelona), Marti Peran (Barcelona), others

The publication ATLANTE MEDITERRANEO can be ordered at aMAZElab Milano.