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06 Oct 2008

MAX SUDHUES at Galerie Christian Lethert

Max Sudhues
Installation at Galerie Christian Lethert, Cologne September 2008
Courtesy of Galerie Christian Lethert

Max Sudhues - Behausungen im Dschungel


26 September - 9 November 2008

+49 (0)221 35 60 590
+49 (0)221 35 60 523

Antwerpener Straße 4
50672 Köln

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Galerie Christian Lethert is pleased to announce the first exhibition of Max Sudhues (born in 1977, Münster, living in Berlin), in the gallery.

Balancing and measurement of spaces and environments, of human (and man-made) environments, inner and outer worlds, allegories of a nature, rapidly moving from poetic to threatening as well as the vague, hardly to describe area between dream and nightmare are the focus in the works of Max Sudhues.

By using and often mixing ordinary items of everyday life and all available media kind of projecting light (from desk lamp to beamer) Max Sudhues creates in the tradition of 'Collage' imaginary worlds, whose origins are visible but not always clear anymore.

In the gallery rooms, in a parcour of installations, various projections, videoloops and combinations of materials Max Sudhues examines the realm between analogue and digital, light and shadow, outlines of the well known state of affairs with unknown backgrounds, the white noise of a tv-screen, branches and clouds - By the artist technically changed and hereby as regards to the content changing structures of things of everyday needs and volatile static. Every single work stands both for itself and connects to a bizarre, narrative and complex imaginary world.

The title Behausungen im Dschungel which means dwellings in the jungle, corresponds as a symbol to the setting out and expedition of the artist into the unidentified and off-beat area, also the hut assembled by ad lib findings will be a meagre place of sleep but under certain conditions it also will become a sensation of a place of protection.

Max Sudhues recieved the 2008 GWK award by the association of Westfälische Kulturarbeit, Münster. On the occasion of the exhibit Pufferraum (in conjunction with Daniel Burkhardt) at the Museum of Art Bochum (18 October - 16 November 2008) there will be a printed catalogue produced in association with Galerie Christian Lethert.