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01 Oct 2008

Opening of Centre for Visual Introspection Bucharest / Romania

Dörte Meyer, Occupied, 2008 with the collaboration of Gert Bendel

Launching Event: Ars Telefonica 2008


23 September- 30 October
Opening Hours: We-Sa 12.00- 17.00

+4021 314 22 98

16 Biserica Enei, Bucharest, District 1, Romania

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Centre for Visual Introspection is an independent platform for research, artistic and theoretical production founded in Bucharest by a collective of artists and curators.
The Centre opens its doors with a series of site-specific art interventions displayed in the phone booths in the central district of Bucharest during 23 and 27 September and an accompanying program of lectures, sound performances and a special exhibition, grouped under the title 'Ars Telefonica'.

Participants: Studio Basar (Bucharest); Luca Frei (Malmö); Carl Michael von Hausswolff (Stockholm); Dörte Meyer (Berlin); Roland Schöny (Vienna); Bernhard Schreiner (Frankfurt); son:DA (Maribor); Jiri Skala (Prague); Nasan Tur (Berlin); Joanna Warsza (Warsaw); Adnan Yildiz (Istanbul/Berlin)

Special Event:
Let me hold you hand,
Iratxe Jaio + Klaas van Gorkum (Rotterdam)
Opening 02 October

Scheduled to take place with regularity in Bucharest, involving with each edition new curatorial formats, 'Ars Telefonica' is conceived as a temporary platform for exhibition display which proposes a re-reading of the connections settled in a specific context between art, its venue and audience. The decision of the curators to appropriate for this edition a temporary space for exhibition display – the phone booth – responds to the actual request of the local art scene to search for new contexts of dissemination of contemporary art and to establish a community of interest for this cultural sector.
The question dropped by the project is to which extend a temporary platform of this kind can disturb the behavior of the art public, the accidental public or of the partners participating directly to contemporary art production? Do these spaces have a potential in facilitating or in speeding up the process of social and cultural exchange?

Organizer: Centre for Visual Introspection/ pepluspatru Association
Project financed by: Ministry of Culture and Cults - European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008
With the support of: Romanian Cultural Institute, Czech Centre, Polish Institute Bucharest, Royal Netherlands Embassy Bucharest, Union of Artists, Romtelecom, HP, Atas Lighting, Rigips, Next Dog Studio, Strat-1 Sound, Tempo Hotel
Media Parters: 24 FUN, Omagiu, Arhitectura, Arhitext, Republik, Suplimentul de Cultura, Igloo,,