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30 Oct 2008

NOWON Performance Art Workshop & Public Evening

...NOWON is the invitation for a play with the 'I'...
photo: Norbert Artner

Call for Participation


December 5th – 9th, 2008
Public Evening:
December 9th, 2008 / 7 p.m.

+43 732 795684 30

Promenade 15
4020 Linz

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NOWON is inviting to encounter.
NOWON is an open space for communication. Open for all interested participants, who want to experiment within a laboratory and congress, representing Boris Nieslony's Aesthesia of the 'Art of Encounter'. The stage for the 'art of Performance' opens up for interested teammates. The encounters between the 'audience' and the 'performers' takes place within the scope of a minimalistically staged ambiance.

The NOWON - Project is defined by two sequences:

performance workshop
(conducted by Boris Nieslony & Monica Klingler)
Boris Nieslony, Cologne performance artist, outstanding throughout the world, and his Swiss counterpart Monica Klinger, dancer, meet for the very first time in Upper Austria conciliating a pretty special approach to the arts of performance and the arts of movement. This approach is affected by a minimalist bearing to images and by the intention letting movement arise in impulse.

public performance event
Representation of the results with the option for the audience to participate.

The participants of the 'Art of Performance Workshop' are obliged to agree beforehand to publically show the results of the workshop at the final event, taking place on the 9th of December in an open performance situation to the participating visitors. Maximum number of workshop participants: 18

About the Workshop
Each participant is going to show in front of the other teammates a form of action, performance piece, gesture, etude, intervention or operation. There will be an ongoing discussion and discourse about the performed and perceived and experienced. In the uttermost precise style is stylistically and lingual analyzed and outlined, 'what is speaking', and what materializes and originates as a topic. ('The Seen', 'The Perceived') and what else was there to be visionized. There will be interpartisciplinary talks about any performance specific improvements. The participants will repeat their conceptual presentations according to the suggested improvements, or will discharge them, when the conceptual outline does not correspond with enough performative content to the idea. (En contraire to the spontaneous idea originated out of the moment, the 'Geistesblitz', the pure thought.)

'To have the performance take place, we apply methods, I would like to call them the tools of the notional and applied form, that make the encounter of time and space possible, the performance materializes in the action, the action orginiates the encounter transforming into an image, the 'imaginary' appears and takes place/s and manifests itself in performance. (This picture completely differs from the term 'image', which is applied and used within the traditional visual art context and criteria.) Actions, that transform - transfer themselves into images, are existential means of information/data transfer, the annexation of knowledge in all situations of encounter between human beings and within human communication. It is the touch, experienced between humans, the place where essential events are experienced within the intercession.'
(Boris Nieslony)

'Various pathways of investigation and exploration are suggested and examined, to find and research the imagery of movements within us and to incorporate them as moving (body) language and to set them free in time and space. - To set oneself (in) to relations – (in) to the other - the object - the space, the person, the context ... A body among bodies. To develop a language out of these factors that immediately translates itself ( in) to the bodies of the on-looking audience.'
(Monica Klinger)

NOWON is the invitation for a play with the 'I' and putative realities and invitation for an encounter with other humans, strangers, on a level, where the non-graphic and non-representational, the interstitials are visualized and made visible, and the borders between the artists and the recipients, between performer and audience are transformed, transpersed and vanish.

Deadline for Applications: November 3rd, 2008

For detailed information please download the application form at
participation fee EUR 240,- (reduction on request)

Hauptplatz 5-6, 4020 Linz, Austria

DIE FABRIKANTEN coop. ASA European/Boris Nieslony