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19 Dec 2014

Nomadic Village 2015 Call for Proposals

Captain Klaus

18 Dec 2014

An invitation for project submissions: Art in Resistance

SPIELART Festival Munich

18 Dec 2014

Art Rotterdam 2015

5 - 8 February 2015

17 Dec 2014

Art Professionals-In-Athens Residency: Tim Shaw - Time Got Kicked Around

Art Professionals-In-Athens Residency

16 Dec 2014

Call for Applications: Associate Professor in Art

Department of Art at the University of Reading

16 Dec 2014

Abandoned Soviet Monuments From the Future That Were Not

Delve - Institute for Duration, Location and Variables

15 Dec 2014

[a.pass] Call for Artistic Research Projects

[a.pass] advanced performance and scenography studies

15 Dec 2014

Journal for Artistic Research Issue 8 - call for submissions

Journal for Artistic Research

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