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19 Jan 2017

Call for Submissions: ortung X - Art Festival in the City of Schwabach

Schwabach Cultural Affairs Office

17 Jan 2017

Open Call for Artists: University of St.Gallen

University of St.Gallen

17 Jan 2017

Last Call for applications - KÖLNER LISTE 2017

Apply until January 31

16 Jan 2017

Christoph Gielen SUBURBAN BUBBLE Zoned for Monoculture at IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art

IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art, Eupen, Belgium

16 Jan 2017

]a[ academy of fine arts vienna | Open days 2017

19 - 22 January 2017

13 Jan 2017

'A Practical Guide to Curating' Online Course by Node Center

Node Center for Curatorial Studies

13 Jan 2017

A SECRET RANCOUR - Notions of Resentment at IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art

IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art, Eupen, Belgium

12 Jan 2017


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