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    ISBN / EAN4064066399832
    TitleHistory of France from the Earliest Times (Vol. 1-6)
    SubtitleComplete Edition
    ContributorsAUTHOR: François Guizot: Guizot, François
    TRANSLATED_BY: Robert Black: Black, Robert
    ILLUSTRATED_BY: Alphonse Marie de Neuville: de Neuville, Alphonse Marie
    DescriptionA Popular History of France from the Earliest Times in 6 volumes is a comprehensive account of French history from its earliest beginnings in Gaul to 1789 written by the French historian and statesman François Guizot. According to the author`s opinion, there are, in the history of peoples, two sets of causes essentially different, and, at the same time, closely connected, the natural causes which are set over the general course of events, and the unrestricted causes which are incidental. The fated causes and the unrestricted causes, the defined laws of events and the spontaneous actions of man`s free agency – herein is the whole of history. This carefully crafted e-artnow ebook is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents: Gaul The Romans in Gaul Gaul Conquered by Julius Caesar Establishment of Christianity in Gaul The Germans in Gaul, the Franks and Clovis The Merovingians Charlemagne and His Wars The Crusades, Their Origin and Their Success… Volume 2: The Crusades, Their Decline and End The Kingship in France The Hundred Years` War, Philip VI and John II The Hundred Years` War, Charles V Volume 3: The Hundred Years` War, Charles VII and Joan of Arc (1422-1461) Louis XI (1461-1483) The Wars of Italy, Charles VIII (1483-1498) The Wars in Italy, Louis XII (1498-1515) Volume 4: Francis I and Charles V Francis I and the Reformation Henry II (1547-1559) Charles IX and the Religious Wars (1560-1574) Henry III and the Religious Wars (1574-1589)… Volume 5: Henry IV, Protestant King (1589-1593) Henry IV, Catholic King (1593-1610) Louis XIII, Richelieu, Catholics and Protestants Louis XIII, Cardinal Richelieu, and Foreign Affairs Louis XIV, His Wars and His Conquests 1661-1697 Volume 6: Louis XV, the Ministry of Cardinal Fleury, 1723-1748 Louis XV, the Seven Years` War Louis XVI, France Abroad – United States` War Louis XVI, France at Home – Ministry of M. Necker Louis XVI, Convocation of the States General 1787-1789
    Page Count2422
    Price1.99 USD