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    ISBN / EAN4064066398781
    TitleMusical Myths and Facts (Vol. 1&2)
    SubtitleComplete Edition
    ContributorsAUTHOR: Carl Engel: Engel, Carl
    DescriptionMusical Myths and Facts in 2 volumes is one of the best-known works by a German author Carl Engel. This carefully crafted e-artnow ebook is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Volume 1: A Musical Library Elsass-Lothringen Music and Ethnology Collections of Musical Instruments Musical Myths and Folk-lore The Studies of our Great Composers Superstitions concerning Bells Curiosities in Musical Literature The English Instrumentalists Musical Fairies and their Kinsfolk Sacred Songs of Christian Sects… Volume 2: Mattheson on Handel Diabolic Music Royal Musicians Composers and Practical Men Music and Medicine Popular Stories with Musical Traditions Dramatic Music of Uncivilized Races A Short Survey of the History of Music Chronology of the History of Music The Musical Scales in Use at the Present Day...
    Page Count479
    Price0.00 USD