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    ISBN / EAN4064066060749
    TitleThe Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers
    ContributorsAUTHOR: Diogenes Laertius: Laertius, Diogenes
    TRANSLATED_BY: Charles Duke Yonge: Yonge, Charles Duke
    DescriptionLives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers is a biography of the Greek philosophers by Diogenes Laƫrtius, written in Greek, probably in the first half of the third century AD. The book professes to give an account of the lives and sayings of the Greek philosophers. Laƫrtius treats his subject in two divisions which he describes as the Ionian and the Italian schools. The biographies of the former begin with Anaximander, and end with Clitomachus, Theophrastus and Chrysippus, the latter begins with Pythagoras, and ends with Epicurus. The Socratic school, with its various branches, is classed with the Ionic, while the Eleatics and sceptics are treated under the Italic. He also includes his own poetic verse, albeit pedestrian, about the philosophers he discusses.
    Page Count428
    Price0.99 USD