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    ISBN / EAN4064066059668
    TitleThe Life in Ancient Times: Discoveries of Pompeii, Ancient Greece, Babylon & Assyria
    SubtitleEmployments, Amusements, Customs, The Cities, Palaces, Monuments, The Literature and Fine Arts
    ContributorsAUTHOR: L. W. Yaggy: Yaggy, L. W.
    AUTHOR: T. L. Haines: Haines, T. L.
    DescriptionEgypt, Greece and Italy were the fountain heads of our civilization and the source of our knowledge, to them we can trace, link by link, the origin of all that is ornamental, graceful and beautiful. It is therefore a matter of greatest interest to get an intimate knowledge of the original state, and former perfection, the grandeur, magnificence and high civilization of these countries, as well as of the homes, the private and domestic life, the schools, churches, rites, ceremonies, etc. Pompeii Amusements Domestic Life Domestic Utensils Employment Troy Nineveh and Babylon Religion or Mythology Fine Arts Literature Tombs and Catacombs Truth of the Bible
    Page Count669
    Price0.99 USD