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    ISBN / EAN4064066057169
    TitleRenaissance in Italy (Vol. 1-7)
    SubtitleComplete Edition
    ContributorsAUTHOR: John Addington Symonds: Symonds, John Addington
    DescriptionRenaissance in Italy is one of the best-known works by John Addington Symonds. This carefully crafted e-artnow ebook is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Volume 1: The Spirit of the Renaissance Italian History The Age of the Despots The Republics The Florentine Historians `The Prince` of Machiavelli The Popes of the Renaissance The Church and Morality Savonarola Charles VIII… Volume 2: The Men of the Renaissance First Period of Humanism Second Period of Humanism Third Period of Humanism Fourth Period of Humanism Latin Poetry… Volume 3: The Problem for the Fine Arts Architecture Painting Venetian Painting Life of Michael Angelo Life of Benvenuto Cellini The Epigoni… Volume 4: The Origins The Triumvirate The Transition Popular Secular Poetry Popular Religious Poetry Lorenzo De` Medici and Poliziano Pulci and Boiardo Ariosto… Volume 5: The Orlando Furioso The Novellieri The Drama Pastoral and Didactic Poetry The Purists Burlesque Poetry and Satire Pietro Aretino History and Philosophy… Volume 6-7: The Spanish Hegemony The Papacy and the Tridentine Council The Inquisition and the Index The Company of Jesus Social and Domestic Morals Torquato Tasso The Gerusalemme Liberata Giordano Bruno Fra Paolo Sarpi Guarini, Marino, Chiabrera, Tassoni Palestrina and the Origins of Modern Music The Bolognese School of Painters…
    Page Count2634
    Price1.99 USD