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26 Mar 2020

Call for Artists / International Video Art Festival Now&After'20

Media Art Centre Now&After (RU)

18 Mar 2020

Media Art Preservation Institute – 5-day professional training – June 6-10

Department for Image Science – Danube University Krems

13 Mar 2020

The MAPS program at the Valais School of Art (EDHEA)

EDHEA - The Valais School of Art

11 Mar 2020

'Art Publications from Start to FInish' Online Course by Node Center

Node Center for Curatorial Studies

09 Mar 2020

'Exhibition Design' Online Course by Node Center

Node Center for Curatorial Studies

04 Mar 2020

'New Approaches to Curating Collections' Online Course by Node Center

Node Center for Curatorial Studies

04 Mar 2020

The Witch from Coney Island at Kunsthalle Bratislava

Kunsthalle Bratislava

28 Feb 2020

'everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of the planet' AIL Vienna

Angewandte Innovation Lab / Franz Josefs Kai3

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Ebook Services: ebook formatting, publishing, distribution and publicity

We offer art institutions, curators and artists to format your catalogues and art related publications as ebook files. Additional services include: publishing (ISBN number), distribution (to all major ebook shops and libraries) and publicity (e-artnow email announcement).
We convert your Word document, print PDF, InDesign or OpenOffice file into ePUB (for iTunes, Kobo, Google Play, Barnes & Noble etc.) and Mobi (for Amazon) ebook files for tablets, smart-phones and other digital devices.

Ebook Formatting: 2 formatting options exist

1) Re-flowable text: can include images but no complex layout. This is the most popular format for fiction and text books with a few illustrations.
Princing: 200 Euro for up to 50.000 words and 50 pictures. Add 100 Euro for up to 100.000 words or up to 100 pictures etc. With pictures delivered in the final size as JPEGs.

2) Fixed-Layout eBook conversion: This is the appropriate formatting for publications that require more complex formatting, such as usually art catalogues, illustrated books, comics etc. Fixed layout titles can be sold only at Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Kobo & Kobo Partner Shops.
Pricing: 4 Euro per page

Ebook Publishing:

For fixed layout you will need 2 ISBN numbers: one for Epub and another for MOBI.

Ebook Distribution:

We distribute your ebook to all major and most minor ebook shops and libraries worldwide through our german distributor Bookwire. You keep all the money that we get from your sales through Bookwire.
Pricing: you pay a flat annual fee of 50 Euro per title and there are no hidden costs. We pay you monthly and do not charge any commission on your royalties or for assisting you with the optimizing and updating of your ebook metadata. Optimized metadata is essential for the discoverability of your titles.

Ebook Publicity:

We offer you an email announcement about your publication through e-artnow e-mail announcements to our +55.000 contemporary art interested subscribers.
Pricing: 150 Euro per announcement.

Questions ?

Feel free to contact us per email to discuss your project more in detail: