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27 Aug 2015

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24 Aug 2015

Animate OPEN: deadline approaching

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Wednesday 29.02.2012

Call for Applications: Master of Fine Arts - Academy of Art and Design Basel

Patrizia Maag-Barbieri, Glasmenagerie, 2010, Kunsthaus Baselland

Call for Applications:
Application Deadline March 15, 2012
Academy of Art and Design Basel - Institute of Fine Arts


Application Deadline:
March 15, 2012

Prof. René Pulfer, Head of Institute of Fine Arts
+41 61 666 61 11
+41 61 666 61 10

FHNW - Academy of Art and Design Basel - Institute of Fine Arts
1 Offenburgerstrasse
4057 Basel

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The two-year MA course of studies offered by the Academy of Art and Design Basel (HGK FHNW) Institute of Fine Arts aims at promoting the deepening of artistic involvement between the priorities of experiment, research, theory and critical self-reflection. The course of studies builds on national as well as international networks, and atelier work focuses on high-toned content-related and artistic support of the students. Involvement with the works of domestic and international artists, curators, and theoreticians will result in the students' proficiency to critically reflect their works and to position themselves in the domain of fine arts. The Fine Arts course of studies is offered in close cooperation between HGK Basel and the Berne Academy of Fine Arts (Hochschule der Künste Bern, HKB).

Syllabus, Master of Fine Arts

The MA cycle deepens the basic approaches of the BA course of studies, expands them in a reflective manner, and relates them to the contemporary and the historical art context. Self-reliance and initiative, which are so essential for artists, are strengthened in the MA course of studies by encouraging students to consequently pursue their self-initiated and self-responsible interests and to continually reflect their artistic ideas. The MA course of studies offered comprises group lessons in block instruction courses, seminars, practical workshops and colloquies. The discourse with internal and external mentors over one's own artistic involvement constitutes the main element of the course of studies.

Study Objectives

In four modules, the Master of Fine Arts course of studies imparts upon students the conceptual, methodical, theoretic, and practical deepening of their artistic prowess. The core competences pivot on the creative and artistic process, and additional competences in theoretical knowledge, scientific practice, research, and project management within the context of the arts are to be acquired as well.

The Master Symposium of the Master of Fine Arts Platform Switzerland

Within the scope of theory, the Basel Master of Fine Arts course of studies is interconnected with the postgraduate college of the Master of Fine Arts Platform Switzerland; the block instruction Master symposium takes place once per semester. In addition, the Master of Fine Arts Platform Switzerland provides a Switzerland-wide pool-offer in the fields of theory and practice.

Recourse to the Art History and Cultural Studies offer of the University of Basel

Within the Master of Fine Arts course of studies, the Institute of Fine Arts cooperates with the University of Basel. Students may attend selected courses and cultural studies conferences at the University of Basel.

Admission Requirement

Admission to the Master of Fine Arts course of studies requires a Bachelor's degree in Art or in a comparable course of studies. Applicants with an equivalent degree may also be admitted. A dossier of the applicant's artistic work so far and a covering letter which states possible focus areas and projects for the Master course of studies must be submitted together with the application. The documents submitted will be evaluated by the Head of Studies in an interview with the applicant. The interviews will be staged in the spring of 2012. Details will be disclosed to the applicants subsequent to submission of their formally valid application.

The language of instruction is German.
The course of studies begins in September 2012.
Application Form: