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Friday 03.12.2021

Open Call: a.pass advanced performance and scenography studies


Open Call
a.pass advanced performance and scenography studies


deadline 15/01/2022 to start in September 2022 Post-graduate selection talks 14&15/02/2022 Associate Researcher selection talks 1&2/02/2022

Lilia Mestre
+32 (0)2 411.49.16

a.pass advanced performance and scenography studies
Delaunoy 58-60/ p.o. box 17
1080 Brussels

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a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies) is an artistic and educational research environment that welcomes research practitioners, from all professional backgrounds in an international self-organized, collaborative and trans-disciplinary program. a.pass includes two complementary structures that operate in parallel and in dialogue: the Postgraduate Program and the Research Center.

This call for applications is inviting researchers who would like to start or continue a research trajectory within an experimental and professional artistic research environment. a.pass offers a one-year post-graduate program or a one-year Associate Researcher affiliation where researchers can develop research proposals in a collective, supportive environment independent from production constraints.

a.pass welcomes proposals which are directly situated and working within existing communities. We strive to develop a greater network between existing communities and become a hub for research methodologies that are grounded and productive in existing contemporary struggles.

Post-graduate program

The a.pass Postgraduate Program organizes a one-year artistic research curriculum for artists / researchers from all professional backgrounds. a.pass researchers develop an independent artistic research trajectory in a shared and collectively created research environment. They engage in presentations and feedback, collective workshops, individual and group mentoring and modular interactions with the curators and other researchers.

As an educational environment, a.pass opens a space for speculative and experimental modes of practice and critical thinking. The content and the practical apparatus of the program are shaped by the proposals of the a.pass curators, the artistic coordinator and the a.pass researchers.


Associate Researcher in the Research Center

The a.pass Research Center as a platform for advanced research practices in the arts, invites five to six Associate Researchers for a one-year cycle. They follow a part of their research trajectory in an environment of mutual criticality and institutional support. The Research Center welcomes radical and inventive research methodologies in order to contribute them to the larger a.pass environment and beyond. The Research Center interacts with the a.pass Post-Graduate Program and functions as a resource for methodologies of collaborative research. The Research Center supports and facilitates forms of performative publishing (publications, presentations, exhibitions, etc), experimental research set ups, workshops and collaborations.

a.pass welcomes researchers with non-academic and academic research affiliations and support structures. Researchers with an existing academic research trajectory (for example PhD in the Arts) have the opportunity to develop the practice-based part of their research within the educational environment of a.pass.