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Wednesday 20.10.2021

Online Course at ECC Performance Art: 'On Camera' – Performing Identity in the Digital Age

Image credit: Rah Eleh, '#oreo_liveitwhite,' multimedia installation 2019

Online Course at ECC Performance Art
'On Camera' – Performing Identity in the Digital Age


Dates: November 2-23, Tuesdays 6-8pm CET


ECC Performance Art

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Online Course at ECC Performance Art: 'On Camera' – Performing Identity in the Digital Age
with Rah Eleh

How are performance artists pushing the boundaries and expanding the definition of performance art and media? How does performance art communicate and participate in social and political discourses, meanings and values? What is the impact of video on performance? The 'Performance for Camera' course is designed to support the creative and intellectual growth of students. We will examine works by cutting-edge artists and consider the conceptual and technical aspects of new media and performance artwork. Students will be exposed to a wide array of visuals and reading materials. The class is structured around individual projects, in-class exercises and writing activities. The discussions are centered on student works, artists' writings, and theoretical texts about performance and new media art. Students are encouraged to develop conceptual and creative links between student production and the work of other artists. Students are given a variety of tools and techniques which will allow them to push the boundaries of their creativity, intellect, and imagination.

Objectives and goals: 
Build conceptual and technical skills for the creation of performative lens-based and virtual work
Experiment with new forms in performative video
Understand historical and cultural issues in performative video
Develop a critical vocabulary for discussing and critiquing performative video
Acquire an inter-disciplinary and intermedia approach to performative video
Create an original work of performative video work

Dates: November 2-23, Tuesdays 6-8pm CET
Enrollment fee: EUR 175
Learn more and enroll at: