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Thursday 02.09.2021

AVA Academy of Visual Art Call for applications

AVA, Exhibition 2021

Undergraduate courses of visual arts and Postgraduate Course of Visual Arts
AVA Academy of Visual Art


Undergraduate Courses of Visual Arts and Postgraduate Course of Visual Arts Apply now! Application deadline: August 12th – September 30th 2021 Apply on these website:



AVA Academy of Visual Art
Trubarjeva cesta 5
1000 Ljubljana

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The Academy of Visual Arts (AVA), Ljubljana offers advanced undergraduate and postgraduate (MA) programs in contemporary visual arts. It is a school that encourages its students to develop into confident, creative, and independent professional artists. AVA programs are approved by SQAA.

Undergraduate courses of visual arts:

Fine art
This interdisciplinary 3-year study of Fine Art encourages a flexible approach to Fine Art practice. The course welcomes the challenge of the fast-changing cultural and social environment of today's post-industrial era. The focus of the Fine Art program is to provide its students with a solid foundation in the visual arts and to build a broad-based experience of Fine Art study with an emphasis on idea/concept development.

Research into many possible approaches of visual disciplines is promoted, such as painting, sculpture, installation, photo media, digital imaging, video/film, performance art. From the vast field of Fine Art practice, students can choose their preferred media or method to facilitate the realization of their ideas and creative goals. The course aims to develop the creative potential of our students through a balance of practical work and research. The AVA program is suitable for open-minded students willing to consider a range of media and practices – from painting, sculpting, installation, performance art, to film and video. The course fuses new theories and technologies and well-established practices, such as objective drawing, painting, modeling, photography, film, video, installation, performance art, digital imaging.

Conceptualisation of space
Conceptualization of Space is a 3-year program, based on art practices that combine theatre, film, video, architecture, and fine art. Students are encouraged to take full control of the visual aspects of production using a variety of modes of communication – for example drawing, computer imaging, scale models – in a range of professional contexts. The course considers a combination of new theories and technologies as well as well-established practices, such as objective drawing and modeling, making of storyboards, scale models, technical plans, and digital imaging. The course is suitable for all those who wish to develop their confidence, skills, and knowledge in the use of space and the action within it. It is aimed at students who may wish to work in film/video directing and design, theatre design and directing, TV design, puppet design, fabrication and directing, prop making, animation, film/video, and the art of performance.

In addition to the general conditions, candidates are required to submit their previous work (portfolio): drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, or works relating to film, theater, installation, performance, new media, etc. Works must express interest and commitment to visual expression.


LOCATION OF STUDY: Trubarjeva 5, Ljubljana

APPLICATION DEADLINES: August 12th to September 30th

• EU and former Yugoslavia nationals: 3600 €/year
• Other nationalities: 5040 €/year
• 65 €/year enrollment fee

Postgraduate course

Visual Arts: Contemporary Visual Practices

Contemporary visual practices combine an interdisciplinary and intertextual teaching system that equips students with advanced knowledge in the field of visual arts and theory. The postgraduate study program is oriented to reflect the challenges, needs, and requirements of the time in which we live.

The study program ensures the acquisition of advanced elements of art as well as the most advanced artistic practices. In addition to the practical skills acquired by a postgraduate student, the study program includes the acquisition of advanced theoretical instruments, which complements their own artistic practice.

You can apply with a developed idea in the field of visual arts and theory that outlines the key interests and motivations for your research and indicates and provides an example of material you might have already produced. Applicants must enclose a portfolio containing their work and completed AVA application form, the portfolio form, and the learning agreement – project proposal.


APPLICATION DEADLINES: August 12th to September 30th

• EU and former Yugoslavia nationals: 3900 €/year
• Other nationalities: 5460 €/year
• 65 €/year enrolment fee

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