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Thursday 19.09.2019

Bergen Assembly 2019 – Actually, the Dead Are Not Dead

Sunaura Taylor, 'Muskox Greeting', detail from 'Wildlife', 2014, oil paint on wildlife photography book, approx. 30,5 x 30,5 x 5 cm, courtesy the artist

Actually, the Dead Are Not Dead
Bergen Assembly 2019


Exhibition: 5.9.–10.11.2019 Events: 5.4.–10.11.2019 Various venues in Bergen, Norway


+47 468 43 341

Bergenstriennalen AS
PO Box 875 Sentrum
5807 Bergen

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Bergen Assembly 2019
Until 10 November 2019

Bergen Assembly 2019, titled 'Actually, the Dead Are Not Dead', encompasses an exhibition and a series of events taking place at various venues in Bergen. At the centre of the project is a preoccupation with life – with an understanding of life beyond the binary oppositions of life and death, human and non-human, subject and object, abled and disabled, past and future.

'Actually, the Dead Are Not Dead' examines how to redefine our alliances with those who are not presently living. The project proposes communicating with the spectres of the past and the future and taking responsibility for those who are no longer, or not yet, here. It defies the prevalent politics of death, ranging from the destruction of the material and idealistic basis of life for countless people, or the deadly rejection of refugees, to the destruction of the planet. 'Actually, the Dead Are Not Dead' revolves around the reclamation of life, fathoming the potential of artistic practices to imagine life differently.

Bergen Assembly 2019 was conceived by a group of twelve curators, artists, theorists, and activists. This core group developed the programme in the form of individual, shared, and overlapping projects to which it invited further artists, curators and contributors from other fields.

Belgin is Bergen Assembly 2019's central working, meeting, and public space from April to November 2019. The venue at museum KODE 2 has not been publicly accessible for many years. It not only hosts Bergen Assembly itself but is also open to the activities of local groups and initiatives.

Core Group: Conveners Hans D. Christ and Iris Dressler in collaboration with Murat Deha Boduroğlu, Banu Cennetoğlu, María García, Hiwa K, Katia Krupennikova, Viktor Neumann, Paul B. Preciado, Pedro G. Romero, Simon Sheikh, and Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa

5 September–10 November 2019

Daniel G. Andújar, Andreas Angelidakis, Gerd Arntz, John Barker, Pepín Bello / Luis Buñuel / Salvador Dalí / Federico García Lorca, Anne de Boer, Nathalie Boseul Shin, Eloïse Bonneviot, Lorenza Böttner, Sarah Browne, Lisa Bufano, Simnikiwe Buhlungu / Malebona Maphutse (former Title In Transgression members) feat. the Community, Serafín Estébanez Calderón / Francisco Lameyer, Capital Drawing Group, Banu Cennetoğlu, Juliana Cerqueira Leite / Zoë Claire Miller, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Anna Dasović, Laressa Dickey, Ines Doujak, Eva Egermann, Toto Estirado, Ruth Ewan, Valérie Favre, Feminist Health Care Research Group (Julia Bonn and Inga Zimprich), Flo6X8, Magdalena Freudenschuss, Robert Gabris, María Galindo, Israel Galván, Gonzalo García-Pelayo, Joscelyn Gardner, Tony Gatlif, Ali Gharavi, Sonsherée Giles, Niklas Goldbach, Helios Gómez, Francisco de Goya, Jan Peter Hammer, Minna Henriksson, Siri Hermansen, Hiwa K, Anette Hoffmann, Niillas Holmberg / Jenni Laiti / Outi Pieski, Alexander Kluge, Teresa Lanceta, Darcy Lange / Maria Snijders, Yunyop Lee, Suntag Noh, Ocaña y sus muchachas flamencas, PEROU /Sébastien Thiéry, Paula Pin / BioTransLab, Carlos González Ragel (Rajel), Charles Roka / Situationist International / Raisa 'Raya' Bielenberg and Tore-Jarl Bielenberg / Gypsy Legacy, Pedro G. Romero, August Sander, Franz Wilhelm Seiwert, SEM/EN, Åsa Sonjasdotter, Stalker/Osservatorio Nomade / Fabrizio Boni / Giorgio de Finis, Nina Støttrup Larsen, peter steudtner, Imogen Stidworthy, Ceija Stojka, Sunaura Taylor, Teatro Gitano Andaluz of Mario Maya, The creators of Oi!(Arsiema Z. Medhanie, Ayan Mohamed Moalim Abdulle, Cynthia Njoki Kangethe, Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa, Gift H. Solhaug, Hamisi Adam Moshi, Hinda Sheikh Ibrahim Farah, Malebona Maphutse, Mamadee King Kabba, Naomi Niyo Bazira, Omar Farah, Sheila Feruzi Kassim, Shelmith Mwenesi Øseth, Simnikiwe Buhlungu, Sufian Mulumba), the Mycological Twist, Rosario Weiss, Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa, Workers' Families Seeking Justice (WFSJ) and its Support Group

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