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Friday 13.09.2019

No Philosopher King : Newest Publication by AC Books

No Philosopher King
AC Books



AC Books
16 E W 48th St
10017 NY
United States

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In this shocking world of Brexit and Trump, white supremacy, fascist nationalism, violent mansplaining and devious gaslighting, the unmediated wisdom of sages and pontificating lessons of emperors has become more burdensome. Free yourself, as I did, from the heavy burdens of the hidden curriculum of Classics and its propaganda machine.

Embrace a process of unlearning, as I did, to resist the rising fascisms swirling around us. Learn the lessons of artists engaged in decolonial critique, Indigenous knowledge, feminism and post queer politics, and not Plato's enigmatic lecture on the Good, will be our curriculum.

A process unfolds in an day-to-day story of liberation, dating back to November 2016. Inspired by our experiences at documenta 14, the expansive exhibition that took place in 2017 between Athens, Greece and Kassel, Germany

Come with us and, even though we have left Classics, we do not want to leave anyone behind in the caves of so many Classics departments of ignorance have done. So whether you are a classicist or an artist, both or neither, if you take up No Philosopher King as your guide, perhaps you too will find within our pages the tools you need to dismantle every one of our masters' houses, whether erected by a Plato or a Trump.