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27 May 2020

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25 May 2020

Curating on the Web: Exhibiting Internet-based Art - Online course by Node Center

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18 May 2020

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11 May 2020

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08 May 2020

International Curatorial Program - Node Center

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Monday 08.07.2019

A Performance Affair

APA Call for proposals 2019

APA • Call for Proposals until 14 July • The Second Edition: re:production
A Performance Affair


deadline call for proposals: 14 July 2019 7:00 pm The Second Edition: re:production during Brussels Gallery Weekend in Brussels from 5—8 September 2019

Rachel Alvarez - Fair Coordinator

Vanderborght Building
Schildknaapstraat, 50 rue de l'Ecuyer
1000 Brussels

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For its second edition, A Performance Affair is now welcoming submissions by artists on their own or with their galleries, producers, collectors, and/or institutions. APA's re:production will take place from 5—8 September in collaboration with the Brussels Gallery Weekend.

A Performance Affair (APA) is a dynamic platform for performance art that stimulates discussions and discourse around the economies of performance. APA aims to provide a full spectrum of relevant content to a public audience while offering artists, gallerists, curators, and collectors an arena in which to discuss the unique challenges that surround this sector and play. A Performance Affair is not another art fair, but a flexible stage geared towards stimulating the acquisition of performance art while finding solutions for its development and sustainability.

Following The Panopticon, APA's inaugural edition last September, this second edition entitled: re:production will transform the second and third floors of the Vanderborght Building in Brussels into an open space designed for artists and their collaborators to present new and historical works to the public, including potential collectors, in a wide range of formats. re:production will attempt to determine the key elements necessary to perform, transcribe, document, transfer ownership and restage a performance. What is the collectable matter of a performance? How do the protocols, scenarios, recordings, or artefacts relate? re:production will question and challenge the ephemeral nature of performance, the ethics of documentation, and ascertain how video and other means of representation can benefit the discipline.

Selection Committee:
Adam Budak, chief curator of the National Gallery (Prague, Czech Republic)
Ellen de Bruijne, gallerist (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Aaron Cezar, founding director of Delfina Foundation (London, UK)
Frédéric de Goldschmidt, collector (Brussels, Belgium)
Iordanis Kerenidis & Piergiorgio Pepe, collectors (Paris, France)
ORLAN, artist (Paris, France)
Chantal Pontbriand, art curator, critic, and art consultant (Montreal, Canada)

We encourage you to apply with a performative work and its protocol that can be presented and sold during the Affair. APA is open to all kinds of performances with protocols that push the boundaries of space and presentation. The performative arena can remain active up to 72 hours, from Thursday to Sunday, allowing artists the possibility to propose longer durational works and performances that can utilise our APA live channels.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 14 July 2019 at 7:00 pm. Applicants will be informed before the end of July. Protocols and materials developed for The Bureau can be delivered after the application deadline, until APA opens.