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19 Sep 2019

Versatile artist Reija Meriläinen receives the 2019 AVEK Award

Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture Finland AVEK

18 Sep 2019

Isle of Skye Scotland Visual Artist in Residence Jon Schueler Scholarship 2020

Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, Scotland's National Centre for Gaelic Language, Culture and Arts/ & Jon Schueler Charitable Trust

17 Sep 2019

'Japan Unlimited' at MuseumsQuartier Wien

MuseumsQuartier Wien

16 Sep 2019

Colloquium. Günter Umberg and the Italian Art

A arte Invernizzi

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Thursday 20.06.2019

'New Approaches to Curating Collections' Online Course by Node Center

'New Approaches to Curating Collections' Online Course by Node Center
Node Center for Curatorial Studies


- Duration: Jul 15 - Aug 5, 2019 - Application deadline: July 11, 2019 - Lecturer: Claire Dalgleish - Participation fee: 154 EUR


Node Center for Curatorial Studies
Wrangelstr. 5
10997 Berlin

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An Online Course by Node Center

This course will offer fresh approaches for curators and arts workers looking to further their practice working with collections. Whether dealing with commercial stockrooms, artist collections, permanent museum collections or more, curators must find ways to reinterpret and approach the same items over again and creatively engage audiences.

New Approaches to Curating Collections will provide a foundational knowledge of collections and the many forms that they take. By presenting an overarching framework for collection histories, models, and ethics, we will establish a broad understanding of the challenges behind curating collections. Over four weeks, we will explore real world case studies to discover fresh perspectives on how to curate, interpret, develop, conserve, and fund collections.

Participants will have the opportunity to write an exhibition proposal for a collection of their choice. Throughout the course, participants will develop transferable skills to think critically about the cultural values of a collection and creatively interpret collections across a variety of settings in cultural institutions and fine art contexts.

*Video conferences every Monday at 7pm CET. Recordings will be available in case you miss a live session!

- Duration: Jul 15 - Aug 5, 2019
- Application deadline: July 11, 2019
- Lecturer: Claire Dalgleish
- Participation fee: 154 EUR



Session 1

A brief history of collections and collecting
Collection models: including national museums, private galleries, artist studios, private collections, and corporate collections
Collection ethics: challenges, considerations and approaches for working with politically sensitive items

Session 2

The role of the collector: why people and organisations acquire and collect objects and works of art
Collection development: how collections are established and develop over time (with case studies)
Collection impacts: factors that shape collections and exhibition development such as conservation requirements, funding, bequest stipulations, acquisition policies

Session 3

How to curate collections using different models and case studies: strategies for permanent, private, emerging, and established collections
Developing a curatorial brief by finding common threads and reading the social context of the collection

How to interpret gaps in collections and how curatorial approaches can influence collection strategies

Session 4

Education around collection curation: public engagement and extending the lifespan of a collection
Moving beyond the display
Keeping collections relevant and learning to read curatorial trends and debates