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24 May 2019

Call for participation in the IX FKL symposium on soundscape

FKL [Forum for Soundscape]

23 May 2019


Ruine der Franziskaner Klosterkirche, Berlin

23 May 2019

Pierre Buraglio - First retrospective exhibition at Saint-Etienne

Musée d'art moderne et contemporain et contemporain Saint-Etienne Métropole

21 May 2019

Last call for applications: MA Programme Scenography HKU University of the Arts Utrecht

HKU University of the Arts Utrecht: MA Programme Scenography

21 May 2019

Riccardo De Marchi. Àllai opaì (other holes)

A arte Invernizzi

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Monday 13.05.2019

'Curating Performance Art: from Concept to Practice' Online Course by Node Center

'Curating Performance Art: from Concept to Practice' Online Course by Node Center
Node Center for Curatorial Studies


- Duration: June 5 - 26, 2019 - Application deadline: June 1, 2019 - Lecturer: Daniela Labra - Participation fee: 154 EUR


Node Center for Curatorial Studies
Wrangelstr. 5
10997 Berlin

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An Online Course by Node Center

Performance art is deeply rooted in unconventional artistic experimentation and political engagement both within the art world and beyond. Since its acceptance as a legitimate artistic practice in the 1960s, performance art continues to evolve today. Due to its unpredictable and ephemeral nature, the public presentation of performance art comes with its own unique set of considerations that are important for curators and artists to address, such as insurance and safety, censorship, contracts and scheduling, among other practical issues.

This course is designed for curators and artists who are interested in developing curatorial projects with performance art. We will go step-by-step through the necessary phases of curating a performance art exhibition, including the artist proposal, legal needs, institutional negotiations, public controversy, documentation, media coverage and more. Further, participants will learn the foundation of the history and theory of performance art, how it fits within the art institutional structures and possibilities for conceptual development. Throughout this four week course, participants will develop a proposal for a performance art project, receiving guidance and critical feedback in the final session.

*Video conferences every Monday at 7pm CEST. Recordings will be available in case you miss a live session!

- Duration: June 5 - 26, 2019
- Application deadline: June 1, 2019
- Lecturer: Daniela Labra
- Participation fee: 154 EUR



Week 1. Approaching performance art practice: its history, formal possibilities and audiences.

- The institutional turn of performance art from the 1960s to now.
- Performance art today and its translations: arte de acción; arte viva; live art; conceptual dance; contemporary theater, and more.
- Viewing the contemporary performance art market (art fairs, galleries, museums, interdisciplinary festivals, biennials and others).

Week 2. Framing a performance art show

- Proposing a project to an artist: discussion of concept, duration, technical needs and budget.
- Historical artists and re-enactment of performances in different contexts.
- Negotiating performances with the institutional space; collections and estates.

Week 3. Mounting performance programmes

- Scheduling performances for a festival or a longer term show.
- Insurance, image rights, contracts and other certificates.
- Urban performances with permission - or not.
- Critical audiences and censorship.

Week 4. Documentation and media coverage

- Documenting and cataloguing performances.
- The performance as social memory: databases, international research agencies, schools of performance; independent initiatives.
- Review and critical feedback of participants' curatorial proposals.


Course image by Oscar Keys