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14 Jun 2019



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Tuesday 19.03.2019

Call for Applications: lugar a dudas International Residency Program

Residencies for artists and art professionals at lugar a dudas, Cali (Colombia)
lugar a dudas


Who can apply: Artists, curators, researchers, and other professionals in the Arts. Where: lugar a dudas, Cali (Colombia). When: Applications are open all the year round. Costs and info: Contact Ivan Tovar at

Ivan Tovar

Calle 15 Norte # 8N - 41. Cali (Colombia)
760045 / Cali

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Lugar a dudas is inviting candidates to submit their applications for its international residency program, for a term between 6 weeks and 4 months in the beautiful city of Cali, Colombia. Applications are open all the year round.

The residency program offers opportunities to artists, curators, writers and other practitioners to explore and examine different forms and formats of interaction between individuals, disciplines, and subjectivities, as a starting point for art practice, critical thinking and social agency.

Lugar a dudas is a contemporary art center operating in Cali, Colombia since 2005. With several programs that include art exhibitions, an specialized library, a rehersal space for non-objectual practices, and different pedagogical platforms, including a (escuela incierta), its summer school program, lugar a dudas articulates local, national and international networks of professionals in the Arts, promotes artists circulation, provides materials, documents and publications to enrich and support experimental contemporary art practices. Our residency program encourage collaboration, exchange, and entwinement between the international guests and the rich community of art practitioners in the city.

The program stimulates collaborative practices, research processes, and movement across disciplines, fostering critical thought, production, experimentation, and solidarity. During their stay, residents are invited to participate as workshop facilitators and speakers, to present and share their work and interests, making bonds with local agents that may enrich our resident's practices and lives.

Our residency is located near of lugar a dudas, in the traditional neighborhood of Granada, in Cali. The beautiful house, awarded with a National Prize of Architecture, offers rooms with a private bathroom and desk. Residents also share wide communal areas such as the kitchen, dining room, two workshop spaces, a patio and a terrace, plus access to all the spaces and resources available at lugar a dudas (library, film-club twice a week, coffeeshop, etcetera.)

For more information about the program, former residents, and applications, visit: