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16 Jul 2019

Orient2 at Kunsthalle Bratislava

Kunsthalle Bratislava

11 Jul 2019

'Art Criticism and Writing: an Introduction' Online Course by Node Center

Node Center for Curatorial Studies

10 Jul 2019

Call for applications: 2 Junior Fellowships for PhD Candidates at the VALIE EXPORT Center, Kunstuniversität Linz

VALIE EXPORT Center, Kunstuniversität Linz (University of Art and Design Linz)

09 Jul 2019

'Managing an Art Gallery' Online Course by Node Center

Node Center for Curatorial Studies

08 Jul 2019

A Performance Affair

A Performance Affair

08 Jul 2019

]a[ academy of fine arts vienna: Field Within

Exhibition duration: 12.07. - 14.09.2019

05 Jul 2019

CAS/MAS in Curating Application 2019/2020

Postgraduate Programme in Curating, ZHdK

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Tuesday 23.10.2018

Open Call: Artleaks Gazette No.5 //

ArtLeaks / Vladan Jeremic

ArtLeaks Gazette #5 Open Call


Deadline: December 1, 2018

Corina L. Apostol

71 Hamilton Street
New Brunswick 08901

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End Our Collective Living Nightmare of the Übermensch — Calls to Fight the Legitimization of White Supremacists, Ableists, Sexists, Transphobes, Homophobes, and Capitalists in the Artworld and Beyond!

While 2017 has been celebrated as the year of women, queer and trans people, 2018 has witnessed the devastating rise and legitimization of a virulent right-wing backlash around the world. Championing the role of collective whistleblowers, movements like #MeToo, Time's up, #NoDAPL, #TakeAKnee, and #BlackLivesMatter, have shifted debates about gender and racism out of the violently maintained shadows into international visibility, expanding and negotiating questions of civil courage, testimony, and solidarity. Formulating and testing strategies to fight against the culture of harassment, toxic masculinity, and racism ingrained in our societies, empowerment movements increasingly come up against right-wing conservatism and left-wing patriarchal models that perpetuate inequalities and violence pervasive within institutions, the private sphere, and beyond.

ArtLeaks Gazette #5 calls for contributions that analyze concrete practices and campaigns, and which engage theoretically and intersectionally with relevant issues related to queer, feminist, racial, and economic justice. As the aforementioned issues have been framed differently in various socio-economic and political contexts, we are looking for contributions that are able to put in conversation nationalist realities, colonial violences, orthodox regimes, and the crisis of identity politics, considering not only overall conditions in the artworld but also local specificities.

We welcome contributions in a variety of narrative forms, from articles, commentaries, and glossary entries, to posters and drawings. The deadline for entries is December 1, 2018. Contributions should be delivered in English, or as an exemption in other languages after negotiations with the editorial council. The editorial council of ArtLeaks takes responsibility for communicating with all authors during the editorial process.

Please contact us with any questions, comments, and submit materials to:

The on-line gazette will be published in English under the Creative Commons attribution noncommercial-share alike and its materials will be offered for translation in any languages to any interested parts.

Limited printed copies will be available. We encourage anyone who would like to support us to print smaller print runs of ALG#5. We will make several PDF formats of the ALG to meet various digital needs, as well as an epub edition. We encourage contributors to be an active part of spreading the ALG by hosting it on their site and forwarding it on to their networks.

For further information please check out previous issues of the ALGs

Editors: Corina L. Apostol, Vladan Jeremic, Jasmina Tumbas