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07 Nov 2018

Video Art Nights: Buffer Zones - I like it. I hope you like it too.

Selected by: Juliana Irene Smith for Platform

05 Nov 2018

Minsheng Art Museum Beijing. When Lines Become Boundaries

Minsheng Art Museum Beijing

02 Nov 2018

Chicago - AIR Capstone Exhibition at Museum of Surgical Science

International Museum of Surgical Science

02 Nov 2018

Merz Akademie - Workshops and Conference 'learning for life'

Merz Akademie, University of Applied Art, Design and Media Stuttgart

26 Oct 2018


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Friday 19.10.2018

There are only a few weeks left to enter the SQUEEZE IT competition!

SQUEEZE IT competition 2018
Trieste Contemporanea Committee


The deadline is midnight (Italian time) of the 12th of November, 2018. The entry is free.

Marina Lutmann
+39 040639187

Trieste Contemporanea
via del Monte 2/1

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SQUEEZE IT Trieste Contemporanea Contest 2018, third edition
a contest open to young Europeans under the age of 30
for a small format project at the crossing of theatre, the visual arts and the information

The competition deadline is 12th November 2018. The entry is free.
Students and young professionals born in EU and CEI member countries, Kosovo and Turkey are asked to create an original theatrical action, organically connected to the issues of contemporary visual arts, taking into account the opportunities offered by information technologies and new media. The applying theatrical action must be able fit in an ideal 4mx4mx4m size box and last no longer than 16 minutes. The 2018 winner of the 2018 Franco Jesurun Award, decided on the stage of the final evening of the 15th of December, 2018, will work in March/April 2019, with the guest director Mirosław Bałka at a production of a video work from the action presented.

Read more and check the competition notice at: