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19 Oct 2018

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17 Oct 2018

Curators' 1 Week Professional Development Course in London

Beryl Graham, Professor of New Media Art, University of Sunderland

16 Oct 2018

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16 Oct 2018

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12 Oct 2018

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02 Oct 2018

Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) Issue 16 out now

Journal for Artistic Research (JAR)

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Wednesday 21.03.2018

OPEN CALL | imagoRevolution

imagoRevolution online exhibition


No deadline Free entry Apply here:


via Ur Stradón, 11
6994 Aranno

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The #imagoRevolution project aims to neutralize the impulsive and collective pathos inevitably aroused in each of us by all those raw images made public by multiple media channels: TV, social networks, internet and magazines, online and paper.
We all know that the impact of a picture is worth more than 1000 words and it is in this emotional overdose that we recognize that we are being bombarded and addicted to rarely edifying and joyful representations. A horror vacui of violent figures that arouse global negative imaginations, allowing the spread, with the simplicity of a click, of a viral cocktail based on fear, resentment, frustration, impotence, guilt and resignation.

STOP. RESET. What we feel has its own CREATIVE energetic value, able to generate a voluntarily oriented phenomenon of collective psychism, called an eggregore: a thought form that attracts to itself a vicious circle of renewed suffering to self-nurture.
#imagoRevolution proposes a way to resign one's emotions, transforming the horror of images, not to change their destiny - what is done unfortunately - but to change its final destination: from bad to good.

'The search for good in evil will change evil over time with good. If the form that is built to diminish evil is weak it will have no effect and will be destroyed by the bad form; but if it is strong and frequently repeated, it will have the effect of disintegrating the bad and substituting the good '(from Max Heindel, La Cosmogonia dei Rosacroce)
#imagoRevolution proposes a real re-combat: to return to the beautiful, the good and the right, instead of a mute resignation or a contemplated revenge, because the instrument of good can only act good for all the people involved.
Con-vocation is open to responsable artists: able to respond with conscience, transforming not the event but the energy that invests it, by virtue of the utterance: 'nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed. '
The operation is immaterial, but no less real.

To apply just fill the form here: