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13 Jun 2018

The Book of the Power 100 by Bill Burns

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13 Jun 2018

MA Devised and Object Theatre - Extended application deadline!

DAMU - Theatre Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

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Friday 02.03.2018

UnionDocs Open Call for UNDO LABS!

Alison SM Kobayashi

Deadline is 3/9 for Collaborative Studio and Summer Documentary Lab Applications!


Apply to UnionDocs Collaborative Studio + Summer Documentary Lab DEADLINE IS 3/9 for both!


+1 (718) 395-7902

322 Union Ave
11211 Williamsburg

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UnionDocs is currently ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for the Collaborative Studio and Summer Documentary Labs. Applications close 3/9!

The Collaborative Studio (CoLab) is a 10-month program that represents a new and alternative model of fellowship, collaborative production and professional development. Rather than applying with a project proposal or rough cut, participants are selected on the basis of previous work and enter the program at square one, open to discovery and fresh connections.

The Summer Documentary Lab (SDL) is a 5-week program for a select group of emerging filmmakers from the US and abroad. The program explores contemporary approaches to documentary film, offers a stronger understanding of the best practices and business of production, and helps develop the foundation of your independent project. Emmy award-winning filmmaker Malika Zouhali-Worrall will lead weekly sessions developing skills and knowledge concerning the business of documentary production, such as proposal writing, fundraising, rights management, fiscal sponsorship, and more.

Both programs offer unique opportunities to work with ground-breaking artists, develop exciting ideas, and secure the skills necessary to pursue exceptional projects. As Kent Jones, Director of the New York Film Festival said, 'UnionDocs plays an essential role in the landscape of serious, exciting, ethically grounded moviemaking in New York City, and by extension in the country. There are many, many documentary organizations and collectives, film festivals and initiatives, but there are only a precious few that fulfill their missions so steadfastly, and fewer still whose missions are based on such a clear understanding of documentary filmmaking.'

More info + Application here:

UnionDocs (UNDO) is a center for documentary art located in the Southside of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. From humble roots, UNDO has become an important institution in the field of documentary art, committed to fostering new ideas and supporting new voices. We have been located in the 3-story building at 322 Union Ave in Brooklyn, NY since 2005 when we first began exhibition and production activity. We believe that documentary art, when paired with thoughtful context and open debate, is an invaluable tool for understanding the complexities of contemporary life and creating a more compassionate, engaged, and integrated society.