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30 Nov 2018

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Tuesday 28.11.2017

Rooftop Institute Presents: Asia Seed 2017-2018

Asia Seed 2017-2018
Rooftop Institute


Yim Sui Fong
+852 96199051

10/F, Foo Tak Building,
365 Hennessy Road,
Wan Chai,
Hong Kong

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Rooftop Institute is pleased to announce the third and forth cycle (2017 – 2018) of its residency-based education programme, Asia Seed, hosting two Hong Kong artists Pak Sheung-chuen and Wong Tin-yan; two Asian artists Arin Rungjang and Zhang Xu-zhan from Thailand and Taiwan respectively.

Asia Seed project combined with workshops involving an artist-in-residence and overseas art trip. The project explores the possibility of an alternative art education taking contemporary art as a catalyst to connect Asia's modern history as well as its social and cultural issues. Asia Seed intends to bring a new perspective on the region to the youth of Hong Kong in order to enrich their international vision with a broader perspective.

Asia Seed project consists of 4 cycles over a period of two years between 2016 and 2018. Each cycle will engage one Asian and one Hong Kong artist who will collaborate and research Asian history, society and culture in relation to Hong Kong. Based on the results of their collaboration, they will then develop a 4-day art workshop for young local participants aged 14 to 18. The research and workshop content will then compile to a series of the online learning materials as an alternative art education reference for everyone.

We strongly believe that an artist's long-term and accumulated experience on creation and research is the most direct and influential way to nourish one's thinking, and to let more young people take a wider worldview to understand their relation with society. Thus, each cycle theme of Asia Seed project is based on an artist's practice. The theme of cycle three is 'Contingency'. Contingency is an attempt to interrupt necessity, it breaks through one's stereotypical impression of daily routine, identity or history, making use of the possibilities derived from chance, through art creation, practice and choices to construct new knowledge and value system.

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Asia Seed is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The content of these activities does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.