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Tuesday 14.11.2017

Call for proposals: E.CITY VIVA CITY

Philomène Barthe
Anna Mollière



Vegetal artistic interventions in Strasbourg's urban space Submission of applications until 30th of november 2017 Open call for artists, designers, architects, urban planners,...

Anna Mollière

23 rue Boecklin
67000 Strasbourg

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The urban artistic intervention «viva-city» will take place in the Robertsau area, close to Apollonia's premises (located 23 Boecklin Street, Strasbourg) and along the future tramway line extension (line E) at the Niederau paper mill, where the new terminus will be.

Being part of Apollonia's global proposition for the redevelopment of this south area, which is at the same time part of Strasbourg and part of Europe, this path will go through the city over several kilometres. The main target is to create an inspiring pathway through artists' installations, happenings and workshops.


Application files should be sent to before: Thursday 30th of November midnight (GMT+1)
The implementation of the project will begin early 2018.


- Only creations, original and unprecedented ideas will be accepted.
- Each artwork will need to lead to a critical reflexion of our behaviour towards living things, and a written text can be used to illustrate the concept.
- The living matter includes the subjects of both kingdoms, vegetal and animal. However, for technical reasons, the 'viva-city' event will focus only on the vegetal.
- By 'vegetal' one should understand any element in the course of its vegetative (vegetable) cycle. Generally speaking, any element with physicochemical properties characterizing life which differentiates it from inert matter. This category includes mushrooms, algae, yeast, protists and higher plants.
- The materials and objects that will support the works (shelters, cages, terrariums, vivariums, greenhouses, earth, water, agars, nutrient media and nutritive substances etc.) are of course excluded from this restriction. The use of recycled materials will be encouraged.
- The 'urban path' concept, in any shape, will be particularly welcome.
- The selected pieces of art will be submitted to safety and feasibility standards related to installations in public space.
- This project will be an individual work or a collective work of artist's association, architects, urban planners, landscape architects...


Application requests (written in English) are to be sent exclusively by email to and should include:
- A description of the actions planned by the artist, along with sketches, photographs, drawings or any other visual or technical element allowing a better understanding of the concept and the project to be carried out;
- The artist's curriculum (1 page maximum) along with contact details;
- The artist's portfolio.
Maximum total attachments size: 5 Mo
Incomplete applications will not be submitted to the Selection Committee.

Application procedure:

Applications will be submitted to a Selection Committee which ensures the quality of the projects presented, the consistency of the overall project and compliance with the specifications.
The decisions of the Selection Committee will be final and communicated by e-mail to the candidates without the jury being required to justify its decisions.
The Selection Committee may request additional information.

Selections will be communicated by the end of the year 2017.

A total of 8,000 (eight thousand) euros will be granted to each selected project in order to cover artist fees, production, transport, accommodation and subsistence costs.