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Wednesday 06.09.2017

Cyber Corporeality at Sanatorium Vienna

Courtesy Jennifer Mehigan

Cyber Corporeality
Sanatorium Gallery


Sanatorium Gallery is delighted to announce the group exhibition Cyber Corporeality, marking the first show at their new gallery space in Vienna's Schleifmühlgasse and exploring the interplay and relationship between technology and corporeality in the 21st century.  Featuring works by LaTurbo Avedon, Delia Jürgens, Jennifer Mehigan and Adam de Neige. OPENING: Thu, September 7, 2017 | 6 pm - 9 pm EXHIBITION DATES: September 8 - October 14, 2017

Marie-Claire Gagnon

Sanatorium Gallery
Schleifmühlgasse 3
1040 Vienna

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Istanbul based Sanatorium Gallery is taking over the Kerstin Engholm premises to open up a new space in Vienna! Director Feza Velicangil is dedicated to explore the Viennese scene and to establish a new independent artistic program. 

With Cyber Corporeality, curator Sabrina Steinek is looking at the rapid advances in information and communication technology that are revolutionizing our every day life. Objective reality and the virtual world continue to merge into one another, blurring the thin line dividing them. And that's just a brief snapshot of the complex reality we're living in. Technology is developing rapidly; faster than we thought. And this speed is what makes it so challenging for us humans and our limited bodies. It seems as though humanity has reached the peak of evolution, as though the only way for an upgrade is by the means of technology. It's already happening - avatars, cyborgs, virtual and augmented reality technologies and AI are being incorporated in our everyday life. 

But if we're creating new digital identities, new bodies and thereby new worlds, we have to ask ourselves what corporeality means today. We have to reassess the objects we encounter.

How do embodied objects and materials reflect on the corporeal and its potentialities or limits? How do the objects and concepts we encounter these days shape and create bodies? How can we read and define bodies in analogue and digital spaces? Cyber Corporeality is dedicated to explore the interplay and relationship between technology and corporeality in the 21st century.