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Tuesday 09.12.2014

Cyberfest 2014, Berlin

Cyland + THE WYE


December 12, 18:00-22:00
December 13-15, 14:00-22:00


Kunstquartier Bethanien
Mariannenplazt 2
Berlin 10997

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CYBERFEST 2014 marks a rapid international expansion with exhibitions/events in 4 innovative cities on at the very frontier of Art & Tech.

This year's theme, 'THE OTHER HOME', explores the commonalities and differentiations among physical, emotional and cultural manifestations attached to the concept of «home». Following the tradition of legendary apartment shows of Soviet time — this exposition explores correlations between public and private, inner and outward, practical and idle, trivial and odd.



'THE OTHER HOME' exhibition curated by CYLAND features a survey of contemporary Russian new media by Marina Alexeeva, Lyudmila Belova, Petr Belyi, Andrey Kuzkin, Katya Bochavar, Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov, Alexander Dashevsky, Marina Koldobskaya, Vladimir Kozin, Peter Lederer, Anna Frants, Petr Shvetsov, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Alexey Grachev, Alexander Terebenin, Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai, Sergey Komarov, Leta & Vladislav Dobrovolsky.


'THE OTHER HOME' performance curated by CYLAND features Russian and local Berlin auditory artists Pete Um, Jonas Gruska, Alexandr Zaytsev, Georgy Bagdasarov and Boris Hegenbart.


CYBERFEST: Held annually since 2007, CYBERFEST is the first and biggest festival for technologically based art in Russia. Growing over years to become a massive international event, CYBERFEST 2012 rose to include over 80 artists held across St Petersburg's top institutions: The State Hermitage Museum, Peter and Paul Fortress, KURYOKHIN MODERN ART CENTER, POLIGRAF Art Hall, Borey Gallery, and the Gallery of Experimental Sound. In 2013, Cyberfest set up a headquarters in Berlin and held their festival there - marking the first time this important event is held outside St Petersburg. This significant move was designed to strengthen the cultural exchange between Art and Technology creatives within Russia and their international counterparts.

CYLAND Media Lab: CYLAND is one of Russia's most active New Media art nonprofit organizations and has headquarters in St Petersburg, Berlin and NYC. CYLAND houses the largest archive of Eastern European video art online, organizes exhibits around the world and is the force behind CYBERFEST (Russia's largest annual New Media art event.) CYBERFEST has been held across St Petersburg's top art institutions: The State Hermitage Museum, Peter and Paul Fortress, KURYOKHIN MODERN ART CENTER, Borey Gallery, the Gallery of Experimental Sound and Creative Space Tkachi. CYLAND was cofounded by Marina Koldobskaya and Anna Frants.

THE WYE: THE WYE is an international art and technology hub spanning 2000 m2 of the historic Post building in the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin. An incubator for local and international innovators, the space serves as a platform to elevate professionalism and exchange between the Art and Tech industries in Berlin. Opened in Fall of 2012, The WYE's private studios, coworking and large event spaces have hosted cross disciplinary projects including Sound Development City, The Reader Awards, Seedcamp, Goethe Institute Mexico, Hardware Berlin, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin Film Society, Berlin Fashion Week, Retune Festival and Service Design Berlin Conference among many others redefining the culture of innovation in Berlin.


BERLIN / PLATOON Kunsthalle PLATOON in Berlin is a modular architecture structure consisting of 34 standard freight containers. This 4500 m2 industrial area hosts cultural movements and community events as well as PLATOON FACTORY and PLATOON ARTIST LAB. With spaces in Berlin and Seoul, PLATOON's global network includes more than 6000 artists, creatives and thinkers that support each other. PLATOON's cultural development experience serves as a consultancy for energizing sustainable relationships between brands and creative subcultures.

BERLIN / Kunstquartier Bethanien Constructed between 1845-47 under a commission by the pious King Friedrich Wilhelm IV, Bethanien as an institute for educating nurses and caregivers. The hospital remained in use until 1970. A vehement „Battle of Bethanien' began when the hospital was closed down in 1970. The planned demolition of much of the institution - which included the construction of social housing projects - was hindered by squatters, citizens' initiative groups and historic building conservationists. Since 1973, Bethanien has served as an iconic, predominantly cultural, artistic and social institution in Berlin.