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Open House: Site-Specific Art (degree program)

University of Applied Arts Vienna

22 Oct 2019

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Exhibition dates | October 18 - December 14, 2019

27 Sep 2019

Open House: Site-Specific Art (degree program)

University of Applied Arts Vienna I Site-Specific Art

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Tuesday 11.11.2008




TIME: November 13, 7.00 pm


LOCATION: Culture and Education Section
Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany
102A Cross Tower, Fu Zhou Lu 318
Shanghai, China

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Raimund Woerdemann, Consul, Director of the Culture and Education Section of the German Consulate General in Shanghai

Wilfried Eckstein, Director of Goethe-Institute Bangkok, from 2009 Director of the Culture and Education Section of the German Consulate General in Shanghai

Li Lei, Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the 7th Shanghai Biennale, Executive Director of Shanghai Art Museum

Zhang Qing, Artistic Director of the 7th Shanghai Biennale 2008

Henk Slager, Curator of the 7th Shanghai Biennale 2008

Annette W. Balkema, Editor of The Shanghai Papers


The Shanghai Papers is a collection of texts written by the artists participating in Translocalmotion, the 7th Shanghai Biennale 2008 (September 9 – November 16, 2008). The publication aims at an audience interested in an artistic type of abstract ideas, data information, and a layered form of perspectives.

Some texts in The Shanghai Papers speak of specific works, of the context of working for an immense global exhibition, of poetic and theoretical reflections produced by the work, by Translocalmotion, or by both. Other texts assume the form of interviews or deal with the process of the work. But all the texts speak in some way or another of the contemporary topics of mobility, of migration, of urbanity, of public space, of public art, of dreams for the future, of globalization. Aren't those the topics that connect people all over the world today?


Tiong Ang, Ricardo Basbaum, Guy Ben-Ner, Ursula Biemann, Big Dipper Group, Bu Hua, Mariana Castillo Deball, Chen Yun, Chen Zhiguang, Jürgen Drescher, Ayse Erkmen, Inci Eviner, Harun Farocki, Rainer Ganahl, Zvi Goldstein, He Wenjue, Huang Hsinchien, Bethan Huws, Jia Zhangke, Jin Shi, Jing Shijian, Mike Kelley, Sanggil Kim, Suchan Kinoshita, Lin Chuanchu, Liu Ming, Liu Ye, Lu Hao, Ma Baozhong, Angelika Mantz, Klaus Mettig, Roman Ondak, Otolith Group, Ulrike Ottinger, Thomas Ruff, Son Kuk Gyon, Hito Steyerl, Su Xinping, Tang Maohong, Lonnie Van Brummelen & Siebren De Haan, Mieke Van de Voort, Jeanne Van Heeswijk, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Wang Qiang, Wang Qingsong, Lawrence Weiner, Wu Mingzhong, Yang Shaobin, Yang Ah Ham, Yin Xiuzhen, Yu Fan, Yu Hua, Yue Minjun, Zeng Hao, Zhang Enli, Zhang Qing, Zhang Weijie, Zhou Tao, Zhu Jia.

CURATORS (Editorial Board): Julian Heynen, Zhang Qing and Henk Slager

EDITORS: Annette W. Balkema, Xiang Liping, and Li Ning

DESIGN: Office CC (Chin-Lien Chen, Chris Vermaas), Amsterdam

PUBLISHER: Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern, Germany,

ISBN: 978-3-7757-2322-0

The Shanghai Papers was also made possible by the financial support of the Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam