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Wednesday 16.07.2014

Open Call: Sketch commission for large-scale public artwork in Central Stockholm

Sketch Commission, Stockholm South General Hospital New Technology Quarter Façade
Stockholm County Council Art Department


Application deadline: 2014/08/03 Apply here:

Susanne Andersson Kopp

Stockholm County Council Art Department
Västgötagatan 2
118 27 Stockholm

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Stockholm County Council invites artists to apply for sketch commission for a large-scale public art project at the facades at Stockholm South General Hospital (Södersjukhuset). The artwork will be an integral part of the concrete-clad architecture, and will form part of the Södermalm cityscape.


The Stockholm South General Hospital, or Södersjukhuset, is located in the heart of the city. It will be modernised and expanded to cope with the growing population of Stockholm. The New Technology Quarter, a building with an area of 11,000 square metres, is scheduled to be completed in 2017. It will become a focal point in the hospital and its adjacent residential neighborhoods, and will form part of the Södermalm cityscape.

Description of the commission

The Stockholm County Council invites artists to apply for sketch commission for the upper parts of the building facades at the New Technology Quarter. The final artwork will involve four facades at a total of approximately 1800 square metres. It will become a prominent visual element that transforms the hospital's immediate environment, and will be visible from afar.

The sketch commission should lead to an artwork that is characterised by strong artistic value and bears complex content. It should lend itself to thought and gives the site character. The finalised artwork should also be permanent.

The finalised artwork will be an integral part of the architecture and its immediate environments. Artists are invited to shape the prefabricated cast concrete elements that form the basis of the façades' surface. It is possible to add other types of materials, as well as lighting, to the artwork. The artwork should preferably be visible both day and night.

Three artists will be invited for sketch commission. Based on the sketches, one artist will be selected to carry out the commission and finalise the artwork. For detailed information on the project budget and schedule, please visit the application annoucement page (, or contact project manager Susanne Andersson Kopp (

Application information and deadline

To read more about the commission and apply, please visit
The deadline for application is August 3, 2014.

Stockholm County Council

Stockholm County Council is the commissioning agency and will be party to the agreements with the artists. Stockholm County Council's art department manages public art projects and maintains the county's art collection. The art department has worked extensively with art in healthcare environments, and aims to present artists from diverse perspectives. The Stockholm County Council holds one of the largest collections of modern and contemporary art in Sweden.